Talky Soviet Solaris clone.  Which means it’s really, really talky

Czech Jules Verne adaptation

Wow!  Brilliant Future Tech Film Noir Murder Mystery

German Horror film, where the real monsters aren’t from Outer Space

Insane HK robot rumble.  A true Guilty Pleasure

Of Mice and Men with monsters?  Sparklers from space?

World’s worst archaeologists vs. Prehistoric Humanoid.  Or a Bacon Mummy.

The “perfect” ship, the “perfect” crew and the end of civilization

New Wave time-twisting murder mystery

Please don’t reveal the secret ending to your friends (or show them the trailer)

Buddy Cop Cyberpunk Revenge Film.  One of those

Toei’s answer to Godzilla.  A very strange one at that

Radioactive statues from the future never lead to anything good…

Filipino Jacques Tourneur-style mad scientist film.

The first last Godzilla film…

Yet another Roger Corman Alien Ripoff, by way of The Andromeda Strain


See Planet of the Vampires

An R-rated kid’s movie?  A sex comedy with kids?  You decide!

Fourth Wall slasher film with the world’s stupidest Alien invader

Brett Piper’s wonderfully trashy fish monster film!

Roger Corman homage.  A salesman sells us out for…a new vacuum cleaner?

  • They Saved Hitler’s Brain (1968)

See The Madmen of Mandoras

Brilliant, must-see short film about two strangers talking in a diner.

What did I do to deserve this????

Impressive art house SF debut film.  Totally unlikable, but that’s the point

Written and designed by Jean “Moebius” Giraud

India’s “first” space film?  Maybe not.  But it is preposterous fun

Ignore the robots.  Interesting low budget time travel thriller.

  • Time Matrix (2013)

See Eternity

Stellar Anime about people sitting in a bar talking.  To robots

Yet another Chinese tomb raiding SF action movie.

Ong Bak meets Retroactive.  Or something like that

  • The Time to Die (1970)

See Le temps de mourir

A real Frankenstein monster of a bargain basement time travel film

Imaginative short SF comedy

Ancient alien mummy from King Tut’s tomb stalks busty co-eds

Yet another brain-washed supersoldier thriller

The past, present and future collide.  Only really cheap and silly

  • Titan Find (1985)

See Creature

Toho’s Godzilla follow-up, without a giant lizard in sight

Italian “Raiders” clone.  With aliens.  It’s fun

A werewolf story with a lizard man — and the moon gets directly involved!

Larry Blamire strikes again.  But no lost skeleton this time…

Two guys in Blackpool make a SF movie.  It isn’t bad

Female time agents.  In short, tight, leather uniforms

A fun look at the excesses of Trek fandom, but…

More of the same – and proud of it

Paranoid conspiracy thriller made from bits and pieces of other films  

Joan Crawford finds the missing link…and teaches him to play catch?

Arty not-quite-an-adaptation of the Fredrik Pohl story

BMX road warrior vs. Michael Ironside

Classic BAD film.  Cobbled together from bits of your favorites!

Twilight Zone-ish short film

Rochester and Jane Eyre aboard a submarine

Truly Epic

Doctor Moreau’s Most Dangerous Game.  Or something like that…

Arch Oboler’s evil TV movie

Intrigue on the moon in Enki Billal’s decaying future