They Came from the Ether (2014)

I really miss Dick Miller. When we first meet door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman John Henry (Tavis L. Baker) trying to sell to a reluctant customer, I found myself thinking of Dick’s brief little part in Not of this Earth, as a far too eager salesman who bothers the wrong customer. Which, I suppose, is no […]

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Swamp Thing (1982)

Right. You’ve just made Superman:  The Motion Picture, and you are looking over DC comics’ many, many superheroes, trying to decide which one you want to turn into your next big movie. So of course you’re going to pick Swamp Thing, a broody, dark and somewhat grim sort of a story, about a hero, who, […]

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Scared to Death (1980)

I feel guilty. Director William Malone mortgaged his house,  and sold his car and almost everything he owned to make this film. Which doesn’t change the fact that I still think this one is dull. Dull, dull, dull. We get random, bloody killings piling up, mostly pretty girls in their underwear, with lots of blood. […]

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ZVP (2017)

Among the most loved of all those Japanese Chanbara (Samurai and sword fighting) films is the series about a blind master swordsman and masseur named Zatoichi.  He was played with a great deal of humor and human warmth– not to mention incredible swordsmanship — by the great Shintaro Katsu. And I must say, it is […]

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