Wild ride of a Luc Besson adaptation of the comics legend

Jules Verne adaptation without much of that Jules Verne stuff

Poverty Row Dracula knock-off.  Only it isn’t

Incredible genre-bending Yoshiaki Kawajiri anime

“Lost” serial, with an absurdly cool robot

  • The Varrow Mission (1978)

See TeenAlien

A DJ, a Switchboard operator, alien visitors and a small New Mexico town

Ray Bradbury, in a dark, crumbling, Russian future

  • The Vengeance of Dr. Mabuse (1972)

See Dr. M schlägt zu

The thing is, it isn’t a Superhero film…

Quatermass homage by Joshua Kennedy

Two words:  Andy Warhol.  Pretentious and slapdash, but I’m repeating myself

Free will, memory manipulation and violence.  

Weird, arty film.  With lots of purple.

Hard Boiled hero in a world where most people have escaped from reality

Absurd Nineties Action Flick.  But not quite as bad as Jamie thinks…

Documentary about the first alien contact.  But the gods decide to go home…

Sometimes you shouldn’t do what your science teacher tells you…

Absolutely inexplicable.  On so many levels.  But then, it’s Italian


See I Eat Your Skin

  • VOODOO ISLAND (1971)

See I Eat Your Skin

Mad Western science meets mad Voodoo science.  Monsters result.  Naturally

The operative word for this one is “Mess”