Robot World (2015)

This is a slow and subtle film, which (after a brief intro) builds its story gradually, showing us what happens rather than telling us what is going on. Which, of course means that a lot of people won’t like it. It is a fairly basic sort of story, in many respects: the all too familiar […]

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Captive Wild Woman (1943)

This is the one where John Carradine, in his first leading role, turns Ray “Crash” Corrigan into a beautiful and exotic woman. Of course, as in a big percentage of his roles, that’s Ray in his instantly recognizable Ape suit, playing yet another big ape, a girl ape this time.  He appeared in that suit […]

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Valley of the Dragons (1961)

It was a decidedly strange moment.  The heroes of Valley of the Dragons look up in the sky and say that there’s a pterosaur.  But the creature we see is, in fact, very, very familiar.  Too familiar. Which is probably why no one else ever tried to pass off footage of Rodan as a pterodactyl. Even if […]

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Prisoner X (2016)

Have I mentioned before that I am a sucker for a good time travel film? Oh, right.  I have. Heck, I even enjoy schlocky time travel nonsense like A.P.E.X.  Plot holes and all. But Prisoner X is not one of those. A routine car accident leads to the capture of a terrorist crossing the Canadian border with ten pounds of […]

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