Slave Girls on the Moon (2014)

Let me come right out and say it: I enjoyed this film. Most of you won’t. Joshua Kennedy is one of a small but growing group of passionate filmmakers who create interesting movies – most often retro-tinged SF, horror or fantasy – on infinitesimal budgets.  He is also one of the more accomplished of this group, […]

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Rana: The Legend of Shadow Lake (1981)

(aka Croaked:  Frog Monster from Hell) Wisconsin based filmmaker,  Bill Rebane, is probably best remembered (thanks to the efforts of MST3K) for the bungled mess Herschell Gordon Lewis made of his Monster a-Go Go and his later, more successful The Giant Spider Invasion. In fact, if one accepts the flaws caused by his low budgets, his best films are reasonably well […]

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High-Rise (2015)

There’s a monastery in France designed by the celebrated Modernist architect, Le Corbusier, which is a site of pilgrimage for architectural buffs.  But there aren’t many monks actually living there. You see, when the thriving community of Dominican monks first moved in, they started having a lot of problems with severe depression.  It may have […]

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Robot Wars [Kill Box] (2016)

In the interest of full disclosure, I should note that there is a strong possibility that there are no robots in this film. Not even one. There is a big, lumbering thing which looks like a robot.  But it might just be a guy in some sort of heavy combat armor.  That is never really made all […]

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Operation Avalanche (2016)

For some reason, 2016 brought two movies based on one of the goofiest conspiracy theories out there, that classic bit of internet paranoia, the belief that the Moon Landing was faked – and, that final, irresistible fillip that truly makes this the paranoid conspiracy theory of paranoid conspiracy theories, the suggestion that the great director […]

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