The Unknown Terror (1957)

(Warning:  Spoilers ahead!) The Fifties managed to produce some rather odd SF/horror hybrids.  One thinks of such strange efforts as From Hell It Came, which ties radioactive mutants in with magic and curses, or Creature with the Atom Brain and its mix of police procedural and zombies, or Voodoo Woman with its tangle of mad science, voodoo and the heist […]

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Aliens & Gufors (2017)

(aka Gufors) If you are wondering, it is pronounced “Goofers.” It is, in fact, the name of a small store in a tiny community in the middle of the desert, and stands for Global Unidentified Flying Object Research and Services.  Although the sign on the store actually says “gUFOrs.” Three friends from L.A. came here to […]

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Space Rage (1985)

At last!  An SF action movie that gives the hero of so many cheap Eighties action movies, Michael Paré, a chance to flex his acting muscles! This time, instead of playing the reluctant tough guy hero, he plays a dangerous felon who leads a prison break, delivering all his dialogue in sort of a mumbled […]

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Magellan (2017)

It gets harder and harder all the time to tell a good SF story.  Not because of the changes in the science, but because there are now so many SF stories out there.  It has become quite difficult to find an idea that hasn’t been used before, and hundreds of stories have been told about […]

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ARQ (2016)

A young inventor wakes up in bed with his girlfriend.  Moments later, masked men crash through the door and seize both of them.  They try to escape, but he gets shot… …And wakes up in bed, moments before the masked men crashed through the door. Of course, the basic idea of a time loop film […]

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Monster Trucks (2016)

I watched this one because a friend really, really wanted to see it. It should tell you something that I feel a need to make excuses for watching it. Mind you, you quickly get the idea that those involved are just a little ashamed of it all:  not only did the film get delayed repeatedly, […]

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