Reptisaurus (2009)

This one is notable because it was the first film directed by Fred Olen Ray’s son, Christopher Douglas-Olen Ray. That is the only notable thing about it. Fred has a certain reputation among bad movie fans for turning out a seemingly endless number of mostly terrible exploitation films, many in the horror, soft porn or […]

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Critters Attack! (2019)

It’s a bad sign when a film suddenly appears from nowhere. Particularly when it is the first film in a beloved franchise in 27 years. A very bad sign. And frankly, one has no trouble seeing why this one came out of nowhere, or why it premiered only days before its DVD/VOD release.  To say […]

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Monster [Guàishòu] (2018)

Okay, that’s interesting, someone turning a classic John Wayne movie into a SF Creature Feature… …And even more interesting that it is from China. One of the greatest frustrations for those of us constantly on the search for interesting SF and Fantasy films we haven’t seen are the films we catch a tantalizing glimpse of […]

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The Faceless Star (2019)

Honorable Mention You have no excuse not to watch this one. After all, it’s short. In fact, it’s only a minute long. This is an intense, mini-documentary about the great Haruo Nakajima… …What, you never heard of him?  That’s because he was the unseen actor under all of Godzilla‘s foam rubber, who played one of […]

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