Alien Blood (1999)

I’m not quite sure what to make of this one. The first half hour or so more or less makes sense — and is actually reasonably well done for a very low budget film.  At the eve of the millennium, a mysterious blonde woman and her daughter flee the mysterious group of commandos who are […]

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Pacific Rim: Uprising (2018)

I was certain that I wasn’t going to like this one. After all, the trailers looked…silly.    So it does come as a bit of a surprise that I enjoyed it.  Stranger things have happened, I suppose, but it’s generally a bad sign when the sinister alien monster in the trailer grabs the arc whip of […]

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Deadly Friend (1986)

A genius teenager with a cute but highly intelligent robot.  What could possibly go wrong? Well, for one thing you can end up in the wrong movie.  Before you know it, the crazy neighbor has blown away the robot, and the cute teenaged girl next door has been killed by her abusive father. So naturally, […]

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Deep Space (1988)

Someone called this Fred Olen Ray’s best movie. I’ll admit that sounds a lot like saying your car is the fastest production model Trabant.  Fred was one of those directors who was busy making cheap SF and Horror in the Eighties, like Roger Corman, say, only much, much cheaper.  Much, much. But unlike the only other […]

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Black Wake (2018)

Black Wake is one of those films that arrives in a swirl of the strange and half-hinted:  a mysterious young drifter, a book filled with madness and delusion that seems almost to make sense, murders, parasites, unconnected events that might be part of some incomprehensible pattern. It is also one of those films that could […]

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Robot Revolution (2015)

As I noted in my review for Millennium Crisis, Andrew Bellware is one of those directors who intrigue me. He has made a career for himself turning out interesting micro-budgeted science fiction films that are strong on style and visuals, loaded with SF ideas, and extremely  ambitious considering their meager budgets.  He has his own micro […]

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Horror Planet [Inseminoid] (1981)

This isn’t a film I would normally have considered watching. Blame it on the exploitative title it generally seems to go by, and on the fact that it is yet another girl-impregnated-by-alien film.  Nor was there anything about it that suggested that it might have some redeeming qualities.  In fact, I actually had some vague […]

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