Shock-O-Rama (2005)

This one is generally considered to be B-Maestro Brett Piper‘s best film.  Certainly it is a lot of fun, even if somewhat weighted down by Shock-O-Rama (the film distributor)’s insistence on having lots of naked girls in their films.  But he gets enough of a budget on this one that his signature stop motion effects have […]

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The Giant Spider (2013)

The best (and funniest) moment of The Giant Spider comes fairly early in the film, when we watch the series of expressions of horror which cross the face of a milquetoast of a husband as he watches the titular spider devour his abusive wife (offscreen) – and take its time about it.  They just keep […]

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The War of the Worlds: Next Century [Wojna swiatów – nastepne stulecie](1981)

This is one of Polish director Piotr Szulkin‘s four political parables disguised as Science Fiction films from the Eighties.  One wonders how in the world he got them made, as they offer a blistering assault on the realities of Communist life.  I believe Poland was, at the time, one of the most repressive Eastern Bloc states, […]

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Teleios (2017)

Teleios In Greek, the word means “perfect.” But, ironically, it also means “having reached its end,” a meaning that ties in nicely with the ending of this film. On the surface, this stunning, independent film is about a team of genetically perfect, corporately created super humans on a mission to recover a cargo from a […]

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