Sting of Death (1965)

“Look!  Jellyfish!” “There’s more of them!” “They’re all over!” “They’re attacking!” I think this must be the single most absurd dialogue sequence I’ve heard in any film.  Even if the “attacking” jellyfish didn’t look like floating bits of brightly colored junk, this would sound silly. But when we’re talking not jellyfish, but Portuguese Man O’Wars? […]

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It Came from Another World! (2007)

This is one of the most important films in Christopher Mihm‘s Mihmiverse: The second one. Yes, we know making one movie, even the most inept and second-rate effort,  is very hard –and it is even harder when we’re talking a film as accomplished and well-made as Mihm’s The Monster of Phantom Lake.  But what really separates the men […]

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The Diabolical (2015)

This one isn’t what it seems to be. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t somewhat familiar territory:  yet another haunted house movie with a one-word title. This one is about a young, apparently widowed mother with two kids whose already difficult lives are complicated by a series of increasingly frightening events.  Something — or some […]

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Interzone (1987)

A barbarian army has laid siege to the stronghold of a group of powerful telepaths, in the hope of seizing their secret treasure.  So the telepaths go out and find the one man for the job, who will have to wipe out their army single-handed.  No big deal, right? This is one of the best […]

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Kung Fu Traveler (2017)

(aka, Kung Fu Cyborg) This one starts off really well:  an unstoppable alien invasion, an army of robots valiantly resisting it but slowly losing, and a young general who is a master of the martial arts whose Kung Fu moves are the only effective weapon against the aliens. So, as this is a Chinese film, […]

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Desolate (2013)

Disaster strikes the downtown of a major city.  There is an explosion, a fireball, and a sudden stream of panicked news reports.  Was it an act of terrorism? Was it a meteor crashing to Earth?  Or was it something else, something far more frightening?. Chad (Jez Bonham) is very drunk — and very angry.  He […]

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