The Madmen of Mandoras (1963)

(Spoilers ahead — if you’ve been living under a rock…) This one is better known under the title of the version edited for television, They Saved Hitler’s Brain. Which, you have to admit, is a far better title.  Although it does give away one of the film’s big surprises, as we’re some time into the […]

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The Creeper (1948)

This one is a curious oddity. It plays out exactly like what it is, a copy of ‘s Cat People, complete with sinister cat slinking around, a young woman having strange dreams and beset with troubling fears, and plenty of Film Noir shadows lurking in the corners. But there’s also a research lab, a jealous […]

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Scintilla [The Hybrid] (2014)

This one wasn’t what I expected. The basic description was familiar.  A commando team sent into a secret research facility.  It brings to mind countless other similar films. But the beginning of the film is so radically different from something like, say, Aliens, that it comes as a real shock. This secret lab is not […]

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Alien Uprising (2008)

Look, there are some things that bother you so much that you have to say them right out: There is one thing no hard core special forces officer will do.  Not ever. It’s a question of discipline and morale.  Commissioned officers do NOT enter into sexual relationships with enlisted men in their chain of command. […]

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Canaries (2017)

It’s simple, really. Time travelling aliens are out there, carrying out a long series of incursions that are part of some larger plan.  They’ve sent us a warning about their next attack,  a photo from a small and rather unsuccessful New Year’s Eve party in a tiny Welsh town some months in the future. Months later, […]

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Cypher (2002)

I’ll confess it does sound odd, but this was the first movie by Vincenzo Natali I ever saw. In fact, it took me some time after I saw this one before I finally caught up with Cube, even though that was the film everyone remembers him for.  As my local video store had a copy […]

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