Hide and Creep (2004)

Hmmmm….Does this film actually belong here?  After all, there have been plenty of routine horror films which have tied zombies to flying saucers (something the creators of this film actually have the nerve to point out by including a few snatches of Ed Wood’s classically bad Plan Nine from Outer Space in the opening scene). But […]

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Love (2011)

Okay, it’s strange.  I’m glad we got that out of the way. This is of course, the real thing.  A genuine, totally outside the system, independent film.  Made for a reported half-a-million, William Eubank built the incredible interior set of his international space station in his driveway.  Yes, it looks a lot bigger than that, […]

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Ghosts of Mars (2001)

It’s curious how a little distance can give us a new perspective on things. When I first saw this, I dismissed it as one of John Carpenter’s long list of current missfires – better, by far, than his take on The Village of the Damned (a painful demonstration of how easily one could take great material […]

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