Music of the Spheres (1984)

There are some films out there that are so curious it is hard to know what to think of them. Somehow, it seems like a lot of them ended up on video back in the Eighties. Music of the Spheres was one of those films funded by the Canadian government.  They used to fund lots […]

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Vinyl (1965)

There’s “odd” and then there’s Andy Warhol “odd.” Warhol had a rather strange notion of film, where you ignored all the things typical moviemakers do and just focused on putting things on film.  I suppose he’d talk about immediacy or honesty, but as those things included not just props, scenery or fancy editing, but rehearsals, […]

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No Such Thing As Gravity (1989)

This is a strange one. But that’s okay.  Strange, even arty-strange can be fun.  Particularly when a film is strange enough to overcome its liabilities and be constantly entertaining. We have a dreary, black and white world where everything is run by a single man, who just happens to be the head of the LaFont […]

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Stereo (1969)

This was David Cronenberg’s first film and it is in many respects a dry run for Scanners. It is also seriously strange and arty. He got the Canadian government to give him a substantial grant to write a novel, but made this film instead.  I really don’t know how they reacted, although I’m cynical enough to […]

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