Arty SF film from Carlos Atanes

Czech Animator Karel Zeman’s greatest achievment

A study in Japanese New Wave creepy cool.  Elegant, cold and disturbing


Hand puppets with no mouths devour the human race, Polonia-style

Thoroughly insane killer alien sequel.  With Santa Claus

A teen-pocalypse.  With aliens

The aliens are loose at Area 51!  Ho hum.

Strange reality twister which borrows from a certain Hitchhiker

Russian mocumentary.  Fascinating and well-made

“This is the story of my solitude, if my solitude was a fish”

Marvelous Indie time-twister

Elegant animation – in Four minutes or less

Giant chickens, giant rats, but not a particularly large amount of H.G. Wells

Incredible sequel to the insanely great Hide and Creep.  So shut up and watch it

  • Forbidden World (1982)

See Mutant (1982)

Don’t reveal the secret ending to your friends.  ‘Cause they won’t watch it

Brit-Com SF time travel movie.  With plenty of beer.  And a giant monster

Stuart Gordon’s second Lovecraft film

Tree monster teaches natives the wonders of science.  Or something like that

How would they have pictured 2018 in 1938?  Not like this