Arty SF film from Carlos Atanes

Czech Animator Karel Zeman’s greatest achievment

A study in Japanese New Wave creepy cool.  Elegant, cold and disturbing

Over the top John Woo film that seems to be parodying…John Woo?

Awesome Haruo Nakajima homage.  With lots of Godzilla.  A minute of bliss

Celebrating New Year’s Eve in a secure bunker

Bad Movie homage about the Greatest cyber warrior and hacker in the world


Girls are tortured in a sinister cavern.  Don’t worry, it’s all for science!

Hand puppets with no mouths devour the human race, Polonia-style

Thoroughly insane killer alien sequel.  With Santa Claus

  • Ferat Vampire (1982)

See Upír z Feratu

One of the most outrageous, over-the-top endings in SF history!

A teen-pocalypse.  With aliens

The aliens are loose at Area 51!  Ho hum.

Strange reality twister which borrows from a certain Hitchhiker

  • The Final Land (2019)

See Das letzte Land

That little girl from E.T. runs from a secret agency.  But the fire is the real star!

Ray Harryhausen’s adaptation of the classic.  It’s absolutely Imperial!

Russian mocumentary.  Fascinating and well-made

“This is the story of my solitude, if my solitude was a fish”

Marvelous Indie time-twister

Elegant animation – in Four minutes or less

Brilliant remake, Jeff Goldblum’s finest moment — and extra grue

  • The Flying Ghost Ship (1969)

See Sora tobu yûreisen

  • Flying Saucers Over Istanbul (1955)

See Uçan daireler Istanbulda

A strange encounter in a super rare film.  Intriguing lost psychedelic SF

Giant chickens, giant rats, but not a particularly large amount of H.G. Wells

Incredible sequel to the insanely great Hide and Creep.  So shut up and watch it

  • Forbidden World (1982)

See Mutant (1982)

Robert Lansing in a better than average late Fifties SF Horror

Don’t reveal the secret ending to your friends.  ‘Cause they won’t watch it

  • Frankenstein (2011)

See National Theatre Live: Frankenstein

Jerry Warren’s best film.  Which, sadly, isn’t that much better than his worst…

Another one of those…

Unique and unsettling:  an off-kilter SF fairy tale

Brit-Com SF time travel movie.  With plenty of beer.  And a giant monster

Stuart Gordon’s second Lovecraft film

Tree monster teaches natives the wonders of science.  Or something like that

Dana Andrews thaws the Nazis cluttering up his place.  It doesn’t work out

How would they have pictured 2018 in 1938?  Not like this

Strange and forgotten short SF comedy. Worth a look