Stinger (2005)

Some of these movies you can sum up with a single phrase: Giant scorpions on a sub. Mind you, we’re not talking a Snakes on a Plane rip-off.  It’s more of an Aliens rip-off. A sub is lost under mysterious circumstances, the usual team of Marines in sent in to clean up the mess, and […]

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Paradox Lost (2021)

Part of the joy of seeking out new movies is finding the unexpected. Mind you, sometimes it isn’t just the movies which offer unexpected discoveries, but a good film will open up a view on a corner of the world we’ve never noticed before. And that’s certainly true of Paradox Lost, which is more than […]

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Monsters of Man (2020)

Monsters of Man was one of those films I’d been meaning to get to for a long time. That happens. I’d heard a few good words about it, and the trailers were excellent, but I never paid too much attention for one reason or another. But it is one of those solid action films which proves […]

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Deathline [Redline] (1997)

I find it rather disconcerting that Rutger Hauer with a mustache looks uncannily like Stacy Keach. But I suppose that isn’t exactly the oddest thing about Redline. A smuggler, John Anderson Wade, and his team have successfully stolen some incredible new Russian tech — bio-organic chips which have sort of a pulsing, heart-shaped organic blob […]

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Piranha Women (2022)

You have got to be kidding! There are moments which leave you wondering “what diseased mind came up with this?” And then there are moments like this one. Let’s face it: the moment it appeared on the screen, everyone in the room started laughing hysterically.  And for a very long time.  One of those laughs […]

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Supersonic Saucer (1956)

I sometimes wonder, when I am watching a children’s film, whether any child out there would actually be entertained by it. That is certainly my reaction to Supersonic Saucer. Mind you, I may just be grumpy because the same footage of the eponymous “Saucer” keeps getting reused over and over.  With the exact same music […]

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Dr. Plonk (2007)

There’s something about the old silent comedies I’m afraid we’ve lost. You just can’t find that anarchic spirit of fun movies once had. Come to think of it, you used to be able to find almost the same uninhibited knock-down drag-out humor on display in the newspaper comics published around that same time.  I suppose […]

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The Hyperions (2022)

The best part about The Hyperions is that I had no idea that this film even existed until I stumbled over it the other day. I try to keep an eye on the new independent films that are coming out, but I’ll admit I haven’t paid enough attention lately.  Obviously not, if I missed something […]

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