First Men in the Moon (1964)

I’ll admit it, I love this film. One of the main reasons is obvious:  this was one of Ray Harryhausen’s movies, and we get lots of visual effects and creature animation. Which is the main reasons we love any Ray Harryhausen film. Another good reason is that Nigel Kneale, best remembered for creating the Quatermass […]

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Quatermass 2 (1957)

(aka Enemy from Space) This is one of the lost treasures of the Fifties SF boom. I suppose it doesn’t help that the original Quatermass serials never played in the United States, or that the most successful and highly regarded film in the series, Quatermass and the Pit (renamed Five Million Years to Earth in […]

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Fiend Without a Face (1958)

Strange things start happening around an atomic research center on a US Air Force base in Canada.  Before you know it, there are grisly and mysterious deaths they can’t seem to stop — and which seem to be the work of invisible creatures… This one has the strange distinction of being a British film, pretending […]

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Sole Survivor (2000)

First of all, that’s “Quartermass,” not “Quatermass.” Dean R. Koonz isn’t quite the famous superstar horror author that Stephen King is, but I’m not sure which one actually sells more books.  He’s had quite a few of his novels adapted for the big screen, although not as many as King.  Mind you, those adaptations do […]

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Quatermass II (1955)

It was one of those rare, surprise successes.  But could it be repeated? In 1953, BBC staff scriptwriter, Nigel Kneale, convinced the Beeb to let him write a SF/horror play to fill an empty Saturday night slot.  It was a huge success, drawing a record audience, and inspired their competitors to make their own SF […]

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The Uninvited (1997)

It seems strange, but one of the seminal SF film and TV series remains little seen in the United States. I refer, of course, to the original Quatermass serials and the Hammer film remakes that followed.  While he had minimal impact on American SF movies, Quatermass inspired a generation of British SF movies and television […]

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Doomwatch (1972)

When one looks at the giants of British Horror Cinema, one notes that Hammer Films turned out an impressive number of SF films, including their remakes of the legendary Quatermass serials and far too many Bikini Cavegirl movies.  Their closest competitor, Amicus, while they never made quite so many, did in fact contribute two Dr. […]

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A for Andromeda (2006)

When you talk about lost BBC science fiction shows, most people think about all the missing Dr. Who episodes. While I regret their loss as much as the average (Classic) Whovian (and would particularly love to see far more of Patrick Troughton’s run!), there are other programs whose loss I regret as much — or perhaps […]

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