Xiong zhai mei ren tou [Beauty Head of the Haunted House] (1989)

Mainland China has not produced many horror films. Not that I’m sure Beauty Head of the Haunted House is a horror film. In fact, it is about as unclassifiable as any genre film can be.  Certainly there are horror elements, but there are also a lot of other things which do not neatly fit into […]

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Krakatit (1948)

I’ll admit it, I was stunned.  This film surprised me. Now I’ve known that this adaptation of the novel by Karel Čapek existed for a long time, but missed my chance some years ago to watch it on Youtube with subtitles.  I’ve looked for it at times, but I’ll admit that I didn’t put too […]

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Zítra vstanu a oparímse cajem [Tomorrow I’ll Wake Up and Scald Myself with Tea] (1977)

Twin Brothers. You just can’t trust them, can you?  Look at Jan Bures: his charismatic twin Karel is constantly getting in trouble, chasing women and deep in debt.  And yet he’s engaged to the girl Jan loves and has the job that steady, reliable Jan longs to have — actually flying the time ship Jan […]

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