Flesh Feast (1970)

Well, I wasn’t ready for that. Look, I’m sure most of you have seen a few really low-budget films along the way.  After all, when it comes to science fiction, there are a lot of them out there. And if you’ve seen a few of these films from the Sixties and Seventies then Flesh Feast […]

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La ragazza di latta (1970)

(aka, The Tin Girl) I really don’t know what to make of this film. But as it is an arty, Seventies, Italian comedy, that isn’t a bad thing. The time? Well, it must be the future: there’s talk of aliens, going to the moon, and even a company building robots. But it can’t be too […]

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Warning Sign (1985)

The most difficult problem with zombie movies is figuring out which ones are actually zombie movies. There is a major divide among the faithful over the traditional, lumbering classic Romero zombies, and the far more aggressive fast zombies, or rage zombies, popularized by 28 Days Later because so many fans refuse to accept these rage-filled […]

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Brain Twisters (1991)

(aka, Fractals) The opening shot is memorable. It’s like waves flowing backwards and uphill away from us. But then the camera shifts just a little and we see we have actually been watching the reflections of tree branches on the windshield of a moving car. Don’t expect that you’ll ever see that level of artistry […]

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Ultrasound (2021)

You know there is something wrong right from the beginning. A raging storm, a row of spikes set out on the road, a tire blows out, and a young man is forced to go to a neighboring house for help. Only the suspiciously helpful man he meets has a very strange request for him. As […]

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The Fitzroy (2017)

It’s one of those big unanswered questions: Where will you go on your Honeymoon after the end of the world? To be fair, it wasn’t quite the end of the world.  A series of deadly bomb attacks flooded England with poison gas.  Most of the people died, or are stuck going around wearing gasmasks all […]

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Sentinel 2099 (1995)

Wow. Yet another movie I never thought I would ever see. It was a very good weekend.  And I found yet another of my Wish List movies on Wednesday. But I will tell you about that one later. Now a few years ago, at the time the Pacific Rim sequel came out, I wrote an essay […]

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