Stranded (1987)

A sudden flash, like lightning, the sound of someone in the house, and an elderly woman and her granddaughter find themselves prisoners in their own home, at the mercy of a group of strange aliens. Before long, the neighbor’s son gets killed, the Sheriff’s department is called in, an angry mob of locals shows up, […]

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Entangled (2019)

Gaurav Seth came to my attention a few years ago with a very clever time travel film, Prisoner X, which combined a truly unique take on a familiar SF trope with a deft touch. So the announcement that he was working on a second SF film came as a pleasant surprise. After all, Seth, who […]

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Await Further Instructions (2018)

I do not like this one. The basic situation is solid: a fractious family celebrating Christmas finds that they have been mysteriously barricaded into their own home.  And then they start getting instructions from the TV. As the tensions increase inside the house, their instructions get stranger and stranger — and more sinister. …But who […]

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Mysterious Island (1951)

Before there was television, there were the serials. Each week, at your local theater, you could see the latest episode of the current serial and watch Flash Gordon fight giant lizards, or the Copperhead battle Dr. Satan’s robots. Most of them had twelve episodes, although a few had as many as Fifteen, and each episode […]

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The Lake (1998)

If you asked me what The Lake reminds me of more than anything else, my first thought would be a certain Science Fiction film from 1956. However, after a moment’s consideration, I would instead say the sort of serious TV drama NBC was making back in the Nineties. After all, we have the tough, talented […]

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Shocking Dark (1989)

Somewhere along the way I noted that one of the telltale signs of a bad movie is how many names it goes under. This doesn’t always work (consider the intriguing Giallo film Le Orme/Footsteps/Footsteps on the Moon/ Primal Impulse, for example) and Italian films, in particular, tend to get marketed under a variety of names […]

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Cosmos (2019)

This is an absolutely engrossing and exciting film which consists almost entirely of three guys sitting in a car talking. Yes, you read that right. What makes this an even more remarkable film is that it was made by two brothers with a little help from their Mom, a crew of three and four actors […]

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Syngenor (1990)

I think I can see why cult favorite David Gale appeared in so few science fiction films: After all, they had to build all that extra scenery for him to chew. In fact, this may be his single most manic performance in a horror film, which is saying quite a bit when you think of […]

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