Nightmare at Noon (1988)

Look, some films just can’t make up their minds what the heck they are. And perhaps the most clueless and misguided film made in the Eighties was Nightmare at Noon. You’ve got to love the opening, with a sinister white-clad figure with lots of glowing green hair — well, it’s actually white, but lit by […]

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Remote Control (1988)

The Eighties were a really strange time. If you don’t believe me, look at some of the films made back in those days. Consider, for example, Remote Control: I mean, we’re used to science fiction films in which everyone wears shiny silver clothes, often with wide shoulders.  But one set in the Eighties? Mind you, […]

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Terminal City Ricochet (1990)

“The media said there was nothing falling from the sky.  But everyone knew there was.  “It was Boomtown, forty miles up and falling apart, piece by piece.” Something strange happened back in the Canada of the 1980s. I honestly don’t know what, but they produced a lot of very strange low budget films, most of which […]

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The Alien Within (1995)

(aka, Unknown Origin) As I’ve mentioned before, if you can’t find one of the films Roger Corman produced, there’s usually a reason. In fact, now that his early films like Not of This Earth are finally out on DVD, one might note that there is almost an inverse relationship between how hard it is to […]

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The Black Hole (2006)

“In July of 1999, a panel of nuclear physicists discussed the possibility that a heavy ion collider experiment could result in the formation of a black hole. “After an extended debate, the panel decided that such a scenario was not just highly unlikely, but impossible.” And, of course, when we see a statement like this […]

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Patalghar (2003)

(Literal translation:  The Underground Chamber) It’s hard to believe this is a children’s film. I mean, look at the beginning of this film: darkness, and a deep, resonant surge of sound, glimpses of the mechanism of a Planetarium, alternating with a steady beeping and elegant Bengali script against blackness.  In the heart of it all, […]

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