Sun, Fun, Sand, and a British Band.  Oh, and those pesky UFOs

  • Sagiri no Kuni (2019)

See Howl from Beyond the Fog

It’s not Giant Horde Beast Nesura.  Just a big rat man…

  • SAMÂ UÔZU (2009)

See Summer Wars


See Ghidrah, the Three-Headed Monster


See Monster SeaFood Wars

  • Sand Planet (2021)

See Dune World

You’ve seen it all before.  Just not in the same place…

Mamoru Oshii returns to Avalon with the Assault Girls.  Briefly

Quirky Japanese alien invasion film about love and marriage

A Seventies Nature Documentary? Well…Not quite

  • Sasquatch (2002)

See The Untold

A bungled bank job, a hostage, a mountain getaway.  You can guess the rest

They stole the germ that will end the world.  Based on Alistair MacLean’s novel

 Melvin thought delivering pizzas was bad. But then Saturnalia came to life…

Look at those suspenders!  A (really) early Mark Polonia effort…

Ummm…a kickboxing Cro-Magnon? Atlantis? Virtual Reality?  Insane fun

Long lost Canadian cult dystopian film.  Stark, grainy, and beautiful…

A love letter to Star Wars.  Even if the heroes kidnap George Lucas

2001-inspired Toho space opera, complete with rayguns and zero-grav sex

Brilliant David Cronenberg horror film about warring telepaths

Dull, dull, dull, dull

You have to start somewhere.  First film for John Landis and Rick Baker

  • School in the Crosshairs (1981)

See Nerawareta gakuen

Why can’t movie cops follow the rules?

It sounds so familiar, yet it isn’t.  Brutal, realistic take on an old SF story

Disappointing Maze Runner sequel

  • Scream of the Shalka (2003)

See Doctor Who: Scream of the Shalka

  • SCREAMERS (1979)

See Island of the Fishmen [L’isola degli uomini pesce] (1979)

Italian Bond Parody with hints of the Thunderbirds.  And lots of bananas…

Giant sea monster shows up, then just goes away.  Sea going parasites

  • The Sea Serpent (1985)

See Serpiente de mar

Marvelous Brit Com about a young man searching for his brother

A Toho crime drama with no Kaiju, Eiga or otherwise.  But it has a teleporter

  • The Secret of Two Oceans (1957)

See Tayna dvukh okeanov

Atom Age Jekyll and Hyde.  But no vampires

Tween inventor, backpack time machines, and hidden costs

An Indiana Jones-style film made…in someone’s garage?

Absurd and delightful Soviet era political satire from Poland 

Telepathy, dreams, bugs, rats — and a very dubious piece of science

Dark movie about death and fate.  Based on a kids’ giant robot anime series…

Zero-budget film. An epic battle between a Walking tank and an alien invader…

More of a remake than Special Edition. Walking tanks vs. Alien invaders

Down on his luck Captain dragged into Film Noir murder — but it isn’t real

A really fake looking sea serpent threatens Spain.  Mostly okay

Wild Korean Popcorn Space Garbage Men Action Flick!

A flower(girl) from space and a tunnel to the sun…

Complex Indie time travel mystery wrapped in an enigma

  • Shada

See Doctor Who: Shada (2017)

Tense WWII creature feature…until it turns totally absurd

Strange visions, an ancient city, H.P. Lovecraft and stop motion animation

People with no memories trapped in a tiny space.  Again

Die Hard meets the DTV android.  Audience wins, by a narrow margin…

Science nerd develops radical communications device, Primer-style

Loneliness means not getting banged regularly!

Psychedelic flying saucer aliens, sharks, mind control and…Nazi gold?


See Rosso nell’oceano

  • Shark: Rosso nell’oceano (1984)

See Rosso nell’oceano

Shark Men on the Moon!  From The Asylum by way of Tubi…

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the movie theaters…

Yet another military project gone wrong? Yeah, but it’s really goofy!

Absurd Italian post-Apocalyptic film.  Local goddess fights everyone in sight

Hollywood dance numbers and Nazis…

  • She Was a Hippy Vampire (1966)

See The Wild World of Batwoman

Underground dwelling religious wars?  Really?

Cronenberg-esque consequences of time travel

It’s Bigger!  It’s Badder! It’s..Ugly as Sin!  …But is it Godzilla?

A rebirth for the franchise? Or just a back-to-basics new look at the old?


See Raiga: The Monster from the Deep Sea 

Kaiju vs. Battleship: Amazing Japanese Fan-Film

Arty, nearly lost Australian film with “Rocky” ties…

  • SHIRYÔ-GARI (2000)

See Junk: Shiryô-gari

Steampunk anime, only with Frankenstein monsters instead of steam

Mean, loud, ugly, nasty and very angry.  Frank Sudol’s animated alien invasion

Wacky and wonderful Anthology film from the one and only Brett Piper

Eerie, underwater Nazi Zombie movie.  With Peter Cushing

Marketed as Terminator 2 despite a serious lack of James Cameron…

Nice try Indie film

A post-Apocalyptic game show movie from Croatia.  But it isn’t what you think

  • Shrieker Island (2020)

See Tremors: Shrieker Island

A mysterious cloud cuts Tokyo off from the rest of the world…

Unsettling mystery.  With Sasquatch.  And Flying Saucers

Yet another Iron Curtain 2001.  Not bad, but no Solaris

  • The Silence of Dr. Evans (1974)

See Molchaniye doktora Ivensa

  • The Similars (2015)

See Los Parecidos

  • Sing a Bit of Harmony (2021)

See Ai no utagoe o kikasete

A Silent Mad Scientist short film from the Seventies? Really?

 Babes, swords, psychic powers: wwhat could go wrong?  Ask Cirio H. Santiago!

Buddy Holly goes to Lost Vegas to claim “The King”‘s crown.  With duct tape


See Urutora 6-kyodai tai kaijû gundan

Moody drama about a dying town.  With giant mosquitoes

  • Skeleton on Horseback (1937)

See Bílá nemoc

Boy from the future lands in the wrong time…

Wild and silly Australian Raiders of the Lost Ark Copy.  Dumb fun

Flying Nazi Zombie Sharks.  But that’s about it…

Those crazy Texans at Door Monster make a TV pilot…

The finest future leaders of England go to Slaughterhouse — and get eaten

I enjoyed this film.  Most of you won’t.  Trashy Joshua Kennedy B-Movie fun

  • Slavemen (2014)

See Sureibumen

A dream assassin stalks a team of psychics.  But it is one of them…

I think they tried to turn off the fog machine but couldn’t find it…

  • Slithis (1978)

See Spawn of the Slithis

Joe Dante silliness which is far better than I expected.  Go Joe!

Wacky ensemble comedy:  Brooklyn’s finest losers try to stop an alien invasion!

An entertaining ensemble Hacker thriller where P=NP is the McGuffin…

It boggles the mind: a remake or sequel or whatever of the 1977 TV movie?

The (other) crew of Gamma One fight Space Yeti!

Goofy Chinese King Kong copy.  It just isn’t goofy enough…

Made for TV killer Bigfoot movie, but with a Joe Stefano script!

Perhaps the finest SF film ever made.  You won’t like it

That’s “Quartermass.”  TV miniseries based on the Dean R. Koonz novel

Sci Fi film about contacting aliens?  Naw.  Just another occult film

Strange, subtle, mysterious and brilliant.  Must be by Moorhead and Benson…


See Island of the Fishmen [L’isola degli uomini pesce]

I really wanted to like this one…

But where’s Mr. Hyde?…

Great cast and Expressionist design save lower budget sequel…

  • The Son of the Stars (1985)

See Fiul Stelelor

 Great unhinged performance by Jim Carrey in a fun popcorn movie

Goofy Ozploitation Sci Fi Rock Opera.  Silly fun if you can take it

Giant Robot vs. Phantom ghost ship.  Japanese animated kids’ film

Wild, crazy, and entertaining — even if it makes hash of Bradbury’s story…

Robert Neville is the last man left on Earth.  Too bad about the vampires…

Second-string giant rubbery monsters duke it out.  But it’s still fun

Where’s a Vampire when you need one?  Space Teen magically gets to Earth

A private eye, a scheming dame and a robot thug.  Dazzling DIY animated film

  • Space Firebird 2772 (1980)

See Hi no tori 2772: Ai no kosumozôn


See Uchûjin Tôkyô ni arawaru

Wow, what incredible effects!  But aren’t they just a little…familiar?

  • Space Ninja (1981)

See Swords of the Space Ark

Absurd, wild and delightfully silly film about…but why spoil the “surprise”?

Shinji Aramaki’s lavish re-interpretation of the classic anime

Space Western.  Michael Paré plays a bad guy.  Can you spot the difference?

Roger Corman gets a second movie out of Battle Beyond the Stars!

  • Space Sweepers (2021)

See Seungriho

Boredom, Zen Trucking, an animate tub of sour cream, and lots of cardboard

  • Space Victory (2021)

See Seungriho

Emotionless killing machine from space tries to make it as a checkout clerk…

  • The Spaceship (1962)

See Le navire étoile

Jaws.  With a Gill Man

  • The Spawning (1982)

See Piranha Part Two: The Spawning

An alien father, a bathtub for a bed, and the Flying saucers are spotlights

An incredibly ambitious — and entertaining — amateur film from Ireland…

Special Forces vs. Ghosts…

It’s not a movie, it’s like getting buried alive by a mountain of neon cotton candy

Romantic Suspense film.  With a mad scientist

Why do scientific experiments always end this way?

Too good for a Polonia Brothers film…Not good enough for a Brett Piper

Rutger Hauer, 40 days of rain, rats, and a monster that might be the devil…

Mean, lean and ferocious: B-Monster Movie bliss!

Tobe Hooper, Brad Dourif, secret conspiracies, and lots of people catching fire

Beautiful Romance, which just happens to be a monster movie.  Sort of…

Cosmonaut returns with new “companion” in the Evil Empire’s bad old days

Wacky Oldrich Lipský comedy about visiting aliens

Well, at least that isn’t what we were expecting…

  • The Star Diaries (2007)

See Ijon Tichy: Raumpilot

Simply, basic, stripped down.  Grade Z filmmaking at its finest

Psychedelic 70s Sci Fi – only a decade late and from Russia

Like coming in on Chapter 7 of a 40s serial.  Retro Popcorn Space Opera

Who cares if we’ve seen it all before? Fun little B-Movie from the SciFi days…

The best Trek ever!

So very tired.  Again

Wild kitchen sink Spaghetti Sci Fi Star Wars copy.  Wacky fun

  • StarCrash II (1981)

See Escape from Galaxy 3

Mildly amusing Space Marine film.  With big (not giant) bugs

Wild guilty pleasure with Christopher Lee, Robert Vaughn, robots and UFOs

Shinji Aramaki returns with more Starship Troopers

Ava goes home one night — and finds she is already in her bed…

  • Stay Tuned for Terror (1965)

See Extraña invasión

Brilliant Steampunk Anime from the great Katsuhiro Otomo

  • Stellanomicon: Future Fear (2021)

See Future Fear

Arty but unsettling.  David Cronenberg’s first novel — I mean “movie”

The Jellyfish are attacking!  Strange, very strange…

Giant scorpions in a sub…

Ultra cool retro SF from Cory McAbee and the Billy Nayer Project

Retro Beach Party movie…with a monster

The next recording media is…Ghosts?   Deft Nigel Kneale SF Horror

  • Storm Watch (2002)

See Code Hunter

 Okay B-Movie about aliens taking two women hostage in their own home

Mysterious murders, horrible experiments and a dead genius…

Dan Curtis’ take on the classic story, with the emphasis on the science…

A mad scientist movie that isn’t a mad scientist movie…

Ultra low-budget SF Noir

  • Strange Invasion (1965)

See Extraña invasión

Richard Matheson had an off day. Issue of the Week movie turned SF horror

  • Strangers (1980)

See Alien 2: On Earth

A routine dream tax audit, attempted murder, and a blue demon…

  • Strayer’s Chronicle (2015)

See Sutoreiyâzu kuronikuru

“I ain’t no sissyfied preacher…”  At least Brion is memorable!

You don’t eat it, it eats you.  Larry Cohen’s Monster Dessert movie

Primer.  With idiots

  • Suchîmubôi (2004)

See Steamboy

The first interactive SF movie?  Well…sorta.  But it looks great

A true Anime Classic!  Warrior family takes on powerful rogue A.I.

Turning The Little Match Girl into a videogame? And it gets weirder!

  • The Suns of Easter Island (1972)

See Les soleils de l’Ile de Pâques

  • Superdeep (2020)

See Kolskaya sverhglubokaya

  • Superior Ultraman 8 Brothers (2008)

See Daikessen! Chô urutora 8 kyôdai

Uggggh.  Second worst cute alien ever…

Why is changing the past always so difficult? Strange Japanese fantasy…

  • Survival Game (2016)

See Mafiya: Igra na vyzhivanie [Mafia: Survival Game]

Don’t ask it how its garden grows!  Arctic alien monster tale

70s SF action movie clone.  With a few seconds of Kevin Sorbo

Nightmares, assassins, self-healing bullet wounds: just another day at the office

Can angsty Japanese teens save the world?

Far too routine for something so strange.  Even Wes Craven didn’t help

Classic Irwin Allen disaster film.  With Michael Caine.  And Killer Bees

  • The Sword of Alexander (2007)

See Taitei no ken

Wild and Colorful Message from Space “sequel.”  Don’t expect it to make sense

Interesting web series turned movie

Moorhead and Benson return with a remarkable time travel film

SF Film Noir time-travel thriller.  So good it has to be Indie!

Creature feature with a totally unhinged David Gale performance