Mamoru Oshii returns to Avalon with the Assault Girls.  Briefly

2001-inspired Toho space opera, complete with rayguns and zero-grav sex

Dull, dull, dull, dull

Disappointing Maze Runner sequel

Marvelous Brit Com about a young man searching for his brother

Absurd and delightful Soviet era political satire from Poland 

Telepathy, dreams, bugs, rats — and a very dubious piece of science

Die Hard meets the DTV android.  Audience wins, by a narrow margin…

Science nerd develops radical communications device, Primer-style

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the movie theaters…

Absurd Italian post-Apocalyptic film.  Local goddess fights everyone in sight

It’s Bigger!  It’s Badder! It’s..Ugly as Sin!  …But is it Godzilla?

Steampunk anime, only with Frankenstein monsters instead of steam

Wacky and wonderful Anthology film from the one and only Brett Piper

Nice try Indie film

Buddy Holly goes to Lost Vegas to claim “The King”‘s crown.  With duct tape

I enjoyed this film.  Most of you won’t.  Trashy Joshua Kennedy B-Movie fun

I think they tried to turn off the fog machine but couldn’t find it…

Joe Dante silliness which is far better than I expected.  Go Joe!

The (other) crew of Gamma One fight Space Yeti!

I really wanted to like this one…

Goofy Ozploitation Sci Fi Rock Opera.  Silly fun if you can take it

Where’s a Vampire when you need one?  Space Teen magically gets to Earth

A private eye, a scheming dame and a robot thug.  Dazzling DIY animated film

Shinji Aramaki’s lavish re-interpretation of the classic anime

Space Western.  Michael Paré plays a bad guy.  Can you spot the difference?

Boredom, Zen Trucking, an animate tub of sour cream, and lots of cardboard

Emotionless killing machine from space tries to make it as a checkout clerk…

Special Forces vs. Ghosts…

Too good for a Polonia Brothers film…Not good enough for a Brett Piper

Tobe Hooper, Brad Dourif, secret conspiracies, and lots of people catching fire

Psychedelic 70s Sci Fi – only a decade late and from Russia

Like coming in on Chapter 7 of a 40s serial.  Retro Popcorn Space Opera

So very tired.  Again

Mildly amusing Space Marine film.  With big (not giant) bugs

Ultra cool retro SF from Cory McAbee and the Billy Nayer Project

The next recording media is…Ghosts?   Deft Nigel Kneale SF Horror

Dan Curtis’ take on the classic story, with the emphasis on the science…

Ultra low-budget SF Noir

You don’t eat it, it eats you.  Larry Cohen’s Monster Dessert movie

Primer.  With idiots

The first interactive SF movie?  Well…sorta.  But it looks great

70s SF action movie clone.  With a few seconds of Kevin Sorbo

Far too routine for something so strange.  Even Wes Craven didn’t help

Classic Irwin Allen disaster film.  With Michael Caine.  And Killer Bees

SF Film Noir time-travel thriller.  So good it has to be Indie!