Star Runners (2009)

Yes, we’ve seen this one before.

At least, pieces of it.  Little pieces of it.  Lots of little pieces of it.  Lots and lots of very familiar bits and pieces.

Not that they were ever quite in this order before.

But what the heck, it’s fun anyway.

Now, before you risk watching this one, you need to understand what Star Runners is.  It’s a “B” Movie, a “B” TV movie, at that.

Or, to be more precise, a “B” movie Sci Fi Network original from the days before they became orthographically challenged.

Actually, I am moderately surprised to find a half-way decent Sci Fi offering from this late a date.  Somewhere along the line, their so-called “originals” became products produced in bulk for mass consumption.

But back in the early Nothings they could still turn out the occasional decent B-Movie — now and then.  Sometimes.

A pair of smugglers get caught by the evil general, Bishop, and agree to smuggle a mysterious box for him, in exchange for a complete pardon.

But things get complicated, they’re forced to open the box — at which point things get even more complicated.

The next thing you know, they’re stranded on an unknown planet.

Oh, and giant bugs.  Did I mention those giant bugs?

Star Runners looks quite good, with impressive spaceship designs, complex and interesting sets, and pretty good effects.  Yes, the CGI probably looks a bit iffy in High Def, but then it was meant to be seen on TV before it all went digital.

However, giant bugs work well in CGI, partly because it is easy to create hundreds of identical creatures, and partly because their hard carapaces are easier to animate than something flexible like skin.  The critters here aren’t all the same, either, but there are a few different variations on the creatures, including the big bug monster at the end.

The story borrows heavily from a lot of other films — The Fifth Element, Starship Troopers, and, more than anything else, from Serenity.

And I’m sure there are others I’m missing.  They even threw in a reference to Enki Bilal and his Nikopol trilogy.

But then we expect that as this is a “B” Movie, after all.  What really matters is that the plot is complex, takes a few unexpected turns, and finds interesting new ways to combine its borrowings.

What’s more, it works.  Or, as I said before:

It’s fun.

Yeah, yeah, there were better Sci Fi Network movies, like Metal Mayhem, Slipstream, and Terminal Invasion.

But this is an entertaining little film which is good enough to spend some time with.

And for those of us who love B Movies, that’s more than enough.



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2 thoughts on “Star Runners (2009)

  1. Wow. I forgot about this one. It’s not on Tubi, but yes: I did see this on the Sci-Fi Channel before the “Ys” showed up. I had the same impression, then: pieces of The Fifth Element and Starship Troopers and whatever FOX or CW sci-fi series were on at the time.

    Maybe I am lucky it’s not on Tubi?

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  2. It’s like fast food: made quickly to be consumed even faster. But not bad if paired with popcorn and a generous seasoning of sarcasm. Just don’t try taking a shot every time you see something borrowed from a better film: it could be lethal…

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