Ekstrasens [Psychic] 1992

Honorable Mention This one deserves a place here because it is routinely identified as a Science Fiction film in most Western sources. It is also more or less impossible to find even the simplest plot summary of the film, or any sort of details. However, it would take an incredible stretch to identify this one […]

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Highly Dangerous (1950)

Honorable Mention I was mildly surprised when I saw that Eric Ambler wrote the script for Highly Dangerous. It wasn’t based on one of his novels, but was an original story.  Normally, one thinks of him as a novelist, although he did write quite a few scripts, including A Night to Remember.  Most of them […]

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Crimson Force (2005)

Let’s see… Astronauts go to Mars and find a big pyramid.  Inside it, they find a dying but powerful civilization divided into separate orders of priests and warriors, which may invade the Earth unless they can defeat the bad guys and make peace. And it wasn’t written in the Thirties. It isn’t by Edgar Rice […]

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G-Saviour (1999)

In 1999, Sunrise decided to celebrate the Twentieth Anniversary of their Gundam franchise by making their first live action movie… For American television. In which the word Gundam is never mentioned. And the film only had minimal connections to the rest of the franchise. Okay… I guess it made sense to someone. Now I’ll admit […]

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The Jurassic Games (2018)

Okay, it’s simple enough” Start with a dash of The Running Man, add a jigger of The Hunger Games, then toss in a few dinosaurs for effect (or effects, if you prefer) and shake vigorously. It’s all familiar, even if we haven’t seen it all mixed quite this way before. A group of death row […]

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5ive Days to Midnight (2004)

I know this will be hard to imagine, but there was a time when a new miniseries on the Sci Fi Network was a big deal. Yeah, yeah, it didn’t really last long, but they got off to a strong start with their surprisingly good version of Dune. Then came Steven Spielberg’s Taken, an epic […]

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Await the Dawn (2020)

When it comes to B-Movies simple and basic is always a winning strategy. Consider Await the Dawn: a man with a gun hijacks an RV driven by a troubled family on its way to take their daughter to drug rehab. Only something are more dangerous is after the hijacker — and now it is out […]

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