The Awakened (2009)

A farmer digs up an alien spaceship, and before you know it, vicious aliens are running about, killing people and generally making a nuisance of themselves.  A small group of survivors hole up in a small house and try to find some way to escape… Let’s face it:  it’s very familiar territory. Curiously, despite all […]

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Godzilla: Monster Planet (2017)

(aka, Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters; Godzilla; Gojira: Kaiju Wakusei) Sometimes you have to wonder if Netflix has any idea what they are doing. It’s frustrating enough that their “original” films are simply not available anywhere else, not even on DVD (I know if I had made a film I would find that one particularly painful), but whatever […]

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Spaceman (1997)

It’s always strange when you run into someone in the “wrong” place. In this case, it’s the writer/director, Scott Dikkers.  He’s the cartoonist responsible for the very strange and low-key cult comic strip, Jim’s Journal, which once appeared in College papers all over the country, and the editor (and chief writer) of the humorous news […]

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The Late Night Double Feature (2014)

Looking at his most recent set of films, it seems to me that Christopher R. Mihm has felt the need to find new avenues to explore with his growing collection of “new old, good bad” films:  they include a hard-edged and noirish revenge thriller;  a children’s film; a post-apocalyptic spaghetti “Midwestern” currently in production; and this […]

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Moonshot (2016)

This is a very solid piece of work. Here we have a retro-Eighties short SF film, which manages in a very short span — a mere 21 minutes — to establish two interesting characters, build a fascinating future, throw in a bit of conflict, a few fights, and a trip to the moon in a […]

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Shadowchaser (1992)

(aka, Project Shadowchaser) This is what you get when you combine Die Hard with your typical android-on-the-loose direct to video movie of the Nineties. We’ve got a high-rise hospital in a big, unspecified city of the future:  a team of mercenaries seize control of the place and take everyone hostage.  The FBI need help, so they […]

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