Creepy and atmospheric film about…Masked wrestlers?

The first Donovan’s Brain adaptation.  But at least it had Erich von Stroheim

We’re all in danger from a shark that can barely crawl!

Wonderful, pulpy adventure story.  With Dinosaurs!

  • The Laplace’s Demon (2017)

See Il demone di Laplace

Nothing much, but the aliens are cool.  And no, that isn’t Mark Hamill…

Severely underrated Rankin Bass Lost World film

Videogamer saves the universe! Classic Eighties SF

Christopher Mihm’s two for the price of one!  Horror, mystery and duct tape

You get this if you cross Them!, Tarantula and…Sharknado?

She’s just a little girl.  Really

Doctor seeks the secret of restoring youth.  We know that won’t end well…


See Kyôryû kaichô no densetsu

Impressive HK adventure film, with a SF writer hero.  And aliens

Yoshiaki Kawajiri anime — highlighted by badly dated Computer Animation

Elegant German deep space mystery about a lost ship and a strange signal

Great B-Movie, with a mutating monster loose in an underwater base…

Martian lifeform gets loose on the International Space Station

  • L’inconnu de Shandigor (1967)

See L’inconnu de Shandigor

  • L’INHUMAINE (1924)

See L’inhumaine [The Inhuman Woman] (1924)

Brilliant but playful and blackly comic thriller about a murderous ape

A woman makes a high tech return from the dead but someone’s out to kill her

  • Live, Die, Repeat (2014)

See Edge of Tomorrow

Stunning first film from Daniel Raboldt.  They’ll get you if you speak…

Larry Buchanan’s Loch Ness Monster movie.  About what you’d expect

Underwater alien film which thinks it’s doing you a big favor by showing up.

China’s first English language film.  Mutant house pets on a plane

A lesser Fifties effort.  The end of mankind is…unintentional?

Okay Irwin Allen version.  With giant lizards with fins stuck on them

Arty.  In a space station

If the Hallmark Channel made Science Fiction…

Robert Vaughn, Nazis, clones, Hitler, and thirty minutes of padding…

Not so much about the perils of space flight as what it does to us