Shark Side of the Moon (2022)

Originals. Every streaming platform feels the need to put them out right now, it seems. But a free streaming platform like Tubi? Okay, I’m worried. You have to think about the economics of this all: they’re giving away their content, after all, and they already have one of the largest and most diverse catalogs in […]

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Konga TNT (2020)

And once again I watched a movie I was never, ever going to watch. Let’s face it: I’ve seen Brett Kelly’s movies before.  Well, to be precise, I’ve seen one of his movies, Raiders of the Lost Shark (2015), it just feels like I’ve seen a lot more of them because that one is so bad. […]

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Blood of Ghastly Horror (1967)

(aka, Fiend with the Electronic Brain) I never particularly paid any attention to Al Adamson before. After all, there were a lot of low budget American filmmakers of the Sixties, and about the only one of his films I knew I’d seen was Dracula vs. Frankenstein, thanks to a friend with an obsession with Lon […]

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Las luchadoras vs el robot asesino [Wrestling Women versus the Murderous Robot] (1969)

Sometimes you know exactly what you’ll get from the title of a movie. After all, there is nothing comfortably familiar — and predictable — as a Mexican masked wrestler (or “Luchadero”) movie. Making one with unmasked female wrestlers isn’t going to change that much. The evil Dr. Orlock (whose name may or may not be […]

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Lost Soul: The Doomed Journey of Richard Stanley’s Island of Dr. Moreau (2014)

It’s the artwork that really sticks in your mind. Bright, and almost painfully colorful, full of beast men against often strikingly modern details, with blood splashes or medical equipment or violence, and a touch of black humor: whatever else you might say about it, you can’t ignore it on the page.  You can hardly look […]

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Termination Point (2007)

Steven Seagal was asked to play Dr. Winter, but declined because he wanted to fight the wormhole with his bare fists:  “I thought it was small-minded,” he reportedly said. “I have fought all manner of evil. How could an interdimensional, immaterial transuniversal construct stand up to my fists of justice?” I suspect they made this […]

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Decapitarium (2021)

(aka, Edgar Allen Poe’s Decapitarium) They seemed like such a happy couple. At least, that is, until Dr. Wilkinson accidentally blew up his wife’s body, leaving her a living head. Science can be so hard on your marriage. Particularly when your angry wife, in a fit of bodyless pique, decides to start killing people and […]

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