Turkish SF comedy about a Rug Salesman saving the Galaxy

Brett Piper’s second film.  Which is reason enough to watch it

Don Dohler’s aliens vs. rednecks movie.  And the world’s worst dummy

Roger Corman Alien Rip off.  But it isn’t that bad.  Just ignore the worm…

Made for TV Kaiju Eiga.  With an ending borrowed from…Free Willy?

Mamoru Oshii’s live action anime

Even without a fly in the works, teleporters are big trouble…

Tongue firmly in cheek

  • Gezora, Ganime, Kameba: KESSEN! NANKAI NO DAIKAIJÛ

See Space Amoeba (1970)

An alien James Dean lookalike, the Resurrection suit, and a dead rockstar

It’s just there

Watch the original.

If Jason Statham had starred, it would have been a classic

The silliest giant monster of all time!  Incredibly dumb fun

Science is what a scientist tells you it is

Swords, Sandals, and weird Atlantean Super-Science.  Only in Italy

  • Giant of the Twentieth Century

See Yeti:  Giant of the 20th Century (1977)

Finally!  Christopher R. Mihm’s family pet gets his own starring role!

Spiders from space, a Volkswagen Beetle, and Bill Rebane

Sometimes weird isn’t a good thing…


See Escape from Galaxy 3

Impressive British Zombie film.  And it isn’t 28 Days Later

A great monster movie.  It just ain’t Godzilla

The second in the animated trilogy.  Act surprised: it’s darker than the first…

Third – but not last – Final Godzilla Movie.  Wild and undisciplined

A typically epic anime film — with Godzilla lurking in the background

Perhaps the worst ever Godzilla film

By  far my favorite Godzilla film — even if it isn’t the best one…

A fair-to-middlin’ Heisei era offering, with some of its best fights

  • Godzilla vs. the Smog Monster

See Godzilla Versus Hedorah


Polish political fable from Piotr Szulkin, pretending to be Science Fiction

Prehistoric monster destroys London.  Where’s the popcorn?

A gripping History Channel documentary about that Martian Invasion

Zhang Yimou, Matt Damon, and an army of legendary monsters

A man without a name in a post-Apocalyptic Mihmiverse land!

Strange French animated post-Apocalyptic fable