• CAGE OF DOOM (1958)

See Terror from the Year 5000

  • The Calculator (2014)

See Vychislitel

Perhaps the best Lovecraft movie ever made.

Two player Mind you-know-what, with Malcolm McDowell.  Near perfect

One of the best Blob movies ever made!

Something strange is going on on Campus

Poor Steve, his party flopped: no crowds, no photo ops, those alien mutants…

  Dull, dreary and cheap.  And no gorillas in diving helmets

Long, slow and we’ve seen it all before…

A movie serial based on a TV Show?  Ray guns, robots and even flying disks

  Dead cheap and very familiar.  Still it’s not that bad…

The alien occupation, year ten.  Complex political thriller

John Carradine turns Ray “Crash” Corrigan into a beautiful woman.  Sorta

“Lost” fifties post-Apocalyptic thriller.

Bigfoots turn white in winter? Bill Rebane’s Sasquatch epic

Interdimensional Monsters chase people in a maze.  That’s it

Most insane mad scientist plan.  Ever.  And in a Jurassic Park clone

Dinosaurs loose in your secret lab?  Send in the extreme…Electricians?

The third one.  Not much more you can say

  • Carnosaur 4 (2001)

See Raptor

Hold onto your cats! Super cheap deadly virus film

Fun and frothy James Bond parody by…ummm, Jess Franco?  Really?

Mexican comic Tin Tan does the Abbott and Costello thing


Mexican comic Clavillazo meets Frankenstein.  Sort of

The usual:  creepy old house, murders…and science fiction?

Insane Hong Kong Sci Fi actioner.  With a deadly warrior…house cat

  • Cave of the Sharks (1978)

See Bermude: la fossa maledetta

Christopher R. Mihm, lots of cardboard, and a planet of warrior women

Bloody Independent Russian Virtual Reality Thriller.  One hell of an ending!

Aussie nuclear leak thriller — with car chases by George Miller

High concept Russian parallel worlds film.  From a Sergey Lukyanenko novel

The Aliens want our women!  Watch out for the giant, burrowing robot!

It’s that darn radiation again

Man with incredible mental powers meets only man immune.

Impressive Kaiju Eiga short.  Don’t miss the trailer for the “sequel”

A girl, her long-lost father — and a guy who swallows people whole…

Biker Chicks just want to have fun.  Zombies just want to go home…

Will they never learn? Teens go to isolated party — at the Mall…

  • Chorakhe (1979)

See Crocodile

The end of the world, a paranoid conspiracy, a high tech facility.  And bats

  • Chrome Hearts (1989)

See Chopper Chicks in Zombietown

Yet another SF-tinged tomb raider movie from China.  With giant monsters

A Chopsockey X-Men?  More or less — but funnier

Did Ray Bradbury really inspire this????

Mad scientist destroys Paris.  Early Silent SF

  • City in the Sea (1965)

See War-Gods of the Deep

Frank Sudol’s first, adrenalin-drenched, hand-scribbled animated zombie film…

Better story, new characters — but terrible CGI.  The first one is still better

  • City Under Siege (2010)

See Chun sing gai bei

Goofy comedy about a couple trapped in a ghost town with a raptor

Visually stunning children’s film.  Only the acting and direction are flat

  • Closed Circuit (1978)

See Circuito chiuso

Monsters, parallel worlds, and the alternative energy source to end them all…

Cyberpunk hacker VR thriller with a great final twist

Bargain basement UPN Predator with a touch of Aliens

Brilliant minimalist SF short from the strange mind of Nacho Vigalondo

Quantum Physics, a mysterious cosmic event and a dinner party gone wrong

Mysterious events at a snowbound research station

Two men on a lonely island fight mysterious humanoids from the deep…

Richard Stanley’s stunning adaptation of the Lovecraft tale

Adaptation of classic Lovecraft story — but without that meteorite

Nacho Vigalondo’s sui generis Kaiju Eiga film.

  • Coma (2019)

See Koma

Republic’s Rocketman finally makes it to television. Well…mostly

Amiable Found Footage film that finds a little new territory to explore

  • Contact (1978)

See Kontakt

Alien pods that make people explode.  But they don’t seem to do anything else

The usual.  Nuclear waste, unseen monsters, Italian film…

Chilly adaptation of an H.P. Lovecraft story

As if The 3 Stooges made a Thai alien invasion film — but more sex jokes

Sex Robots, Space Nazis and… A spaceship that looks like someone’s house?…

Old, tired and battered Bruce Willis has to save the world.  Again

  • Cosmoball (2020)

See Vratar galaktiki

Brilliant and exciting film about…three guys sitting in a car talking

The title says it all.  More fun with Joshua Kennedy.

Cows, creme horns, petty theft and beauty parlors.  Just don’t eat the spinach!

Weird and culty psychedelic Italian version of a certain familiar Japanese film

Strangers trapped by a (solar) storm are killed one by one.  And a Giant Robot

  • Crash and Burn (2016)

SeeThe Killer Robots! Crash and Burn (2016)

  • The Crawlers (1993)

See Contamination .7

  • The Crawling Eye (1958)

See The Trollenberg Terror

Paranoid George Romero bioweapon film.  Just watch it, okay?

Elegant, Nouvelle Vague inspired SF relationship film.  From Amazon.com

A derelict spaceship, an alien monster…  You know the rest

Craig T. Nelson fights a shark man.  It just isn’t a Nazi shark man…

  • Creature (2004)

See Alien Lockdown

Interesting — if low budget — road movie turned Bigfoot film

A man raises his daughter in the dark.  Intense DIY creature feature

As impossible as it sounds, a halfway decent Larry Buchanan film.  But is it SF?

  •  Creature of the Walking Dead (1961)

See La marca del muerto

Police vs. atomic powered zombies.

Art House reality twister Nouvelle Vague mad scientist film

Val Lewton copy from the people who brought you The Vampire Bat

  • The Creeping Unknown (1955)

See The Quatermass Xperiment

Bad.  But only routine bad


See Night of the Bloody Apes

Power running with cats, a bug expert and a thing that burns people to ash

What do you mean that isn’t SF anymore?


See Las ratas no duermen de noche

Spaceship crashes on Mars, finds lost civilization — but no sign of Flash Gordon

The kind of film you love far more than it deserves…

More of the same, but with some pretty good moments…

The third one.  With a great busted cliche…

The first horror franchise in Spaaaaaaaaace…

Released on VOD without warning after 27 years.  Guess why?

Thai Jaws copy: Struggles to achieve absurdity but still dull

Probably the first SF film about relativity.  And it’s very silly

Can Michael Jordan help Daniel Tadesse reach Santa?

  • Crystal Triangle: The Forbidden Mesage (1987)

See Kindan no mokushiroku Crystal Triangle

Japanese copy of classic film.  Why???

The best way to avoid meetings.  Surprisingly great art film from China…

The Shining meets Altered States meets Hammer Horror?


See Klatwa doliny wezy

Larry Buchanan.  Yet again

Aliens infiltrate as those most terrifying of creatures: cute little bunnies

A vague future, a virtual reality weapon, and lots and lots of British Rockers

Dazzling OVA by the director of Ninja Scroll

  • Cybercity (1998)

See Shepherd (1998)

  • Cybernetic Grandmother (1962)

See Kybernetická babicka

  • Cyberzone (1995)

See Droid Gunner

Michael Rennie as yet another stranger on a mission to save us all

Arrowstorm’s cyborg epic.  Who knew bullets bounced off bare chests?

Wild, non-linear Art House post-Apocalyptic film.  Or is it all a simulation?

  • Cycle Sluts (1989)

See Chopper Chicks in Zombietown

A warm-up for The Amazing Colossal Man? Pretty much…

Brainwashing, corporate espionage, and single malt scotch…