ESPY [Esupai] (1974)

Let’s face it, the 1970s were a bit…weird for Toho films. At least when it came to their Tokusatsu films. Godzilla wasn’t doing too well (at least not on the big screen., even if his “monsterverse” spinoff, Zone Fighter did well — well enough that the Big G actually made a few appearances on the […]

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Shadow in the Cloud (2020)

I hate it when this happens. I mean, here we have this elegant World War II drama which has this solid feeling of authenticity (I’m not enough of an expert to speak for all the details — and there is at least one I’m skeptical of — but the general impression is convincing). Which then […]

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Man Vs. (2015)

There is something simple and direct about this film which I like. Doug (Chris Diamantopoulos), the star of a survivalist TV series (based on the real shows, Survivorman and Man Vs. Wild) and his team set off to film the fist episode of their new season in an incredibly remote part of the Pacific Northwest […]

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The Fungus Among Us (2018)

Life is full of strange moments. I finally get my hands on a film I’ve been looking forward to for a very, very long time, and found, much to my surprise, that the back cover of the DVD quoted comments I wrote. Okay, that’s new. I’d made those remarks based on the film’s remarkable trailer […]

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The Dark Side of the Moon (1990)

This is a film which deserves an award. To be precise, it deserves this site’s first presentation of the coveted gilded Immanuel Velikovsky medallion for Excellence in Science. We’ve seen far too many films which have absolutely horrendous science errors, but here is a film which stands out like a beacon among them. A filthy, […]

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Paradise Hills (2019)

Where’s Nacho Vigalondo? I mean, seriously: the eccentric Spanish director who’s created one unique film after another used to start talking about his next project while he was promoting the current one. And yet I never heard any “what’s next” comments from him after Colossal (2016) came out. Apparently, there were a few rumors running around […]

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Revolt of the Zombies (1936)

So you see, there were these mysterious French/Cambodian troops who showed up mysteriously on the front lines during World War I and won a huge victory. But what history doesn’t record is that they were, in fact, zombies, and the Cambodian high priest who brought them into battle was controlling them using an ancient Cambodian […]

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