Psyclops (2002)

“I’ve come to realize that keeping B-movie cliches alive is my mission. After all, we all enjoy old movies like The Blob and I Married A Monster From Outer Space, but what’s going to happen when all those movies have been seen? Who’s making more? Not Spielberg or Lucas, that’s for sure. Just me, baby!” (Brett […]

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Mindwarp [aka Brainslasher] (1992)

The short version: Blech. The long version: Starlog magazine was doing very well in the early 90s.  They’d spun off two additional titles, Cinemagic, which dealt with filmmaking techniques for do-it-yourselfers, and Fangoria, which gave readers an icky, behind-the-scenes look at the new wave of explicit horror films.  And then Fangoria briefly went into the production […]

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The Alien Factor (1978)

I first encountered this one years ago, probably on the old Turner Superstation, but had no idea what it was.  At the time, we were shocked by just how bad it was, and eventually (very eventually at that) turned away to catch another show that was on at the same time, which we wanted to see. […]

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MindScans (2013)

I’m not sure what to make of this one. Or exactly what to say about it. Just to give you one example:  when someone says “bad acting”, what generally comes to mind involves uncertain line deliveries, misplaced emphases  and self-consciousness.  But here? none of that applies.  Everyone seems confident and the lines come out correctly, […]

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Magnetic (2015)

One never quite knows what to expect of an SF movie that’s won a lot of festival awards. A few, yes, are great classics. Some seem to have won not because they were great, but because the other nominees were worse.  Perhaps the competent, if rather modest, Alien Raiders comes to mind. And others? Simple. […]

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Phenomena (1985)

Horror films often take a “hit-and-run” approach to science. Take this stylish Giallo thriller by Italian cult favorite, Dario Argento.  We have a genius scientist, an entomologist, played with eccentric zest by Donald Pleasance – one of the indispensable actors of the 70s and 80’s horror boom – who calmly informs us that insects have an incredible […]

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