Happy Feet (2006)

[Spoilers Ahead!] Happy Feet…A science fiction film? Don’t be silly. However, it is an unacknowledged remake of a classic Science Fiction film from the Seventies. Or of one of many other, basically similar science fiction films about alien encounters. Okay, you’ve see animated films before so you know the sort of thing: a kid who […]

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Drawing Flies (1996)

Honorable Mention (Well it might be Science Fiction, if you stick around long enough.  Wait and see) Kevin Smith made a Bigfoot film? Well…not quite.  He only produced it.  It is in his View Askew Universe, and was produced by View Askew Productions.  Two of his friends, Malcolm Ingram and Matt Gissing, wrote and directed, […]

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Saving Star Wars (2004)

Honorable Mention It has to be every Star Wars fan’s worst nightmare: you try to deliver a letter from your critically ill son to George Lucas… And you end up knocking him cold by accident. Then, of course, there’s that whole kidnapping thing.  And tying George up in duct tape in his own apartment. Definitely […]

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Nothing Lasts Forever (1984)

Honorable Mention (…Well, part of it is science fiction. If you squint hard enough.) The same year that Ghostbusters came out, Bill Murray and Dan Ackroyd appeared in a comedy written and directed by one of the best writers from Saturday Night Live, Tom Schiller, in his feature film debut. But you’ve never seen it. […]

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Alabama’s Ghost (1973)

Honorable Mention (Well, some of it is Sci Fi..) This is a totally bizarre, silly, and  wild little film.  It seems a shame so few people have heard of it, let alone seen it. No real summary of the film can do it justice.  A janitor at a Jazz club accidentally discovers a secret trove […]

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Henge [Metamorphosis] (2011)

Honorable Mention This one is strange. And rather disturbing. A young man keeps having these weird seizures where he howls and jumps about uncontrollably.  It’s as if something is taking him over and it keeps getting worse. Then he starts transforming — at first just an arm or a leg — during these fits into…something. […]

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Pursuit (1972)

Honorable Mention This interesting TV movie marks Michael Crichton’s first directing job. We tend to forget that he actually directed a few movies — including the classic Westworld (1973), Runaway, and The Great Train Robbery — although this one is intriguing because he was filming his own novel, Binary.  At the time he still planned to […]

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The Faceless Star (2019)

Honorable Mention You have no excuse not to watch this one. After all, it’s short. In fact, it’s only a minute long. This is an intense, mini-documentary about the great Haruo Nakajima… …What, you never heard of him?  That’s because he was the unseen actor under all of Godzilla‘s foam rubber, who played one of […]

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