Monsters, miss-matched Russian spaceships, sexy girls and a singing cowboy

An evolutionary Jekyll and Hyde.  But the Sabretooth is a pussycat

Sci Fi version of Stagecoach.  With Michael Ironside as a…hero?

Testing a new aircraft in a British spy drama

Interesting Road Warrior rip-off – marred by a seriously ugly scene

The former Mr. Shirley Temple vs. an unconvincing alien

Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, and the worst aliens ever put on the screen…

Southern Redneck zombies.  Just watch out for their hands!

Don Dohler’s second – and possibly best – film.  But I still like Alien Factor more

Sooooo close, yet they messed it up

Giant bats, ape men, the end of the world.  And Nostradamus.

Interesting Peter Cushing/Christopher Lee police procedural – with an SF twist

Incredible, labor of love, hand-drawn animated SF film.  Watch it already!

A mad scientist, deadly mannequins, and…the Templars?

It’s slow.  And nowhere near as exploitative as its title.  But it has Monsters