Monsters, miss-matched Russian spaceships, sexy girls and a singing cowboy

Sci Fi version of Stagecoach.  With Michael Ironside as a…hero?

Testing a new aircraft in a British spy drama

Interesting Road Warrior rip-off – marred by a seriously ugly scene

The former Mr. Shirley Temple vs. an unconvincing alien

Southern Redneck zombies.  Just watch out for their hands!

Don Dohler’s second – and possibly best – film.  But I still like Alien Factor more

Sooooo close, yet they messed it up

Giant bats, ape men, the end of the world.  And Nostradamus.

Interesting Peter Cushing/Christopher Lee police procedural – with an SF twist

Incredible, labor of love, hand-drawn animated SF film.  Watch it already!

A mad scientist, deadly mannequins, and…the Templars?

It’s slow.  And nowhere near as exploitative as its title.  But it has Monsters