Time-travelling post-Apocalyptic vampire-hunting…Boy Band???

  • The Naked Invader (1957)

See The Astounding She-Monster

Kenneth Tobey and half the 50s “B” movie heroes return in a very silly film

Surprisingly faithful live adaptation directed by Danny Boyle

Monsters, miss-matched Russian spaceships, sexy girls and a singing cowboy

The first French Science Fiction TV Movie.  Sigh…

We have to save the world! So let’s go get that child’s notebook!…

A French Local Hero — with Martians?  Pretty much…

An evolutionary Jekyll and Hyde.  But the Sabretooth is a pussycat


See Wakusei daikaijû Negadon 

Goofy Sci Fi parody that just sort of wanders around until it dies…

Lots of desert, lots of fighting.  Not much else

Aka, Nemesis III: Prey Harder.  Better than 2

She crushes her victims to death between her meaty thighs…

Sci Fi version of Stagecoach.  With Michael Ironside as a…hero?

Wild Japanese warring telepaths school kid comedy.  From the creator of House

Testing a new aircraft in a British spy drama

Interesting Road Warrior rip-off – marred by a seriously ugly scene

  • The New Gladiators (1984)

See I guerrieri dell’anno 2072


See Saikyôjû tanjô Nezura

Hordes of giant rats on the loose! Here’s why it didn’t happen

  • NI SHI YING JIU (2017)

See Reset


See Adéla jeste nevecerela

A group of hunters face off against alien invaders.  Surprisingly good

The former Mr. Shirley Temple vs. an unconvincing alien

Vibrations can summon skeletons from Greece.  But don’t worry, it’s science

Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, and the worst aliens ever put on the screen…

Yet another Astronaut on the first space flight returns with a monster…

Blood and Boobs

The Easter Bunny attacks!  Fun giant rabbit horror movie

  • Night of the Undead (2020)

See Jukji anneun Ingan-deul-e Bam [Night of the Undead] (2020)

Southern Redneck zombies.  Just watch out for their hands!

A small town where everyone sleepwalks to work in the middle of the night…

The world is about to be destroyed by…deadly rocks? Really?

Don Dohler’s second – and possibly best – film.  But I still like Alien Factor more

Every twenty years, the Sasquatch come down from the mountain…

Darkness comes to a world where it is always day.  Yawn

Sooooo close, yet they messed it up

It’s sci fi!…no, a zombie film!…no, Action!… Sorry, it’s a Western…

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the office…

Scientist does horrible experiments on naked girls, hand puppet kills people…

Punk rock gamer vs. the ultimate game.  Early Videogame movie

Creepy BBC serial by legendary Who scripter, Robert Holmes

Disaster movie parody from Japan.  Talky, but fun for the most part

  • Nineteen (1987)

See Nainteîn

The ultimate prison — until Ray Liotta gets there…

Weird but entertaining art film

Stunning film about a time traveler who just wants to go home

Giant bats, ape men, the end of the world.  And Nostradamus.

Sigh.  Yet another remake of a Roger Corman classic

What was wrong with the original?

A little kid, a beloved grampa, and an electrical monster…

Interesting Peter Cushing/Christopher Lee police procedural – with an SF twist

Weird lost film by one of SNL’s best writers.  With Bill Murray and Dan Ackroyd

The everyday suddenly turns weird and disturbing.  Indie reality twister

Incredible, labor of love, hand-drawn animated SF film.  Watch it already!


See Extra Terrestrial Visitors

A mad scientist, deadly mannequins, and…the Templars?

  • Nutriaman: The Copsaw Creature (1985)

See Terror in the Swamp

It’s slow.  And nowhere near as exploitative as its title.  But it has Monsters