Empire of the Apes (2013)

It is actually impressive to see so many of the Polonia Brothers‘ stock company of players in one movie. Of course, when I say “see” it’s a somewhat relative term as almost all of them are hidden behind ape masks.  Or security guard masks.  Heck, even Mark Polonia himself is hiding beneath one. In fact, […]

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The Fly (1986)

As strange as it may seem, there are a few Classic science fiction films I have not seen. This was one of them. Blame it on that final gruesome scene, a fragment of which I saw on cable TV while someone was flicking around the dial.  Or blame it on the disturbing storyline, which I […]

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Time Perspectives (2019)

I have a soft spot for Time Travel films.  But then,  I’ve mentioned that before. Admittedly, they are remarkably hard to do right.  Particularly if they’ve chosen to take the exceedingly difficult path of creating one involving multiple trips and lots of intersecting storylines. Which is what we have here. A young man with a […]

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Elizabeth Harvest (2018)

It sounds so familiar: A young woman, swept off her feet by an older man, arrives at her fairy tale castle of an ultra-modern house.  Everything in it is hers, even the money in the safe — but there is one room where she is not allowed to go. But, of course, she looks.  And finds something […]

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Krull (1983)

I really don’t know what to make of this one. We have a stunning opening as a huge, black space vessel arrives at a planet with two suns.  An army of armored black creatures on horseback emerges and sets about their campaign to conquer this new world. So far so good, right?  No reason an […]

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