Kin-dza-dza! (1986)

Mark’s 1000th Review! Help him celebrate by adding your comments and felicitations below! And by all means, settle back with your favorite vintage Soviet popcorn and watch one of his all time favorite Science Fiction films —  And yes, one of the all-time best, as well! Ku! An ordinary Muscovite, is on his way to […]

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The Fly (1986)

As strange as it may seem, there are a few Classic science fiction films I have not seen. This was one of them. Blame it on that final gruesome scene, a fragment of which I saw on cable TV while someone was flicking around the dial.  Or blame it on the disturbing storyline, which I […]

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Westworld (1973)

This may be the best story Michael Crichton ever told… Even if it wasn’t one of his novels, but an original screenplay he also directed.  And yes, he actually directed quite a few films, even if his greatest success came from his novels. Particularly Jurassic Park.  But you already knew that. It’s been years since […]

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Memories [Memorîzu] (1995)

As I noted in my review for Steamboy, Katsuhiro Otomo has played an incredibly important role in the development of Japanese Anime.  While he may only have directed two films (with a third, Orbital Era, in the works), he has been involved in dozens of films, providing scripts, storyboards, character designs, production help and who knows […]

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