Professor Shanku O El Dorado [Professor Shanku and El Dorado] (2019)

You probably have never heard of Professor Shanku. However, in his native India, the famed Bengali director, Satyajit Ray, was not merely known for his movies, but for the many short stories he wrote. This included a lot of children’s stories, including the series starring the private detective, Feluda, and a series of science fiction […]

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Megamind (2010)

Supervillains. It’s not exactly obvious to the uninitiated, but there are two distinct types of supervillain: The Bond villain and The Comic Book villain. It seemed a strange coincidence when two studios came out with movies with supervillains as heroes at the same time, but Despicable Me‘s Gru is clearly the Bond-iest of Bond Villains… […]

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Supersonic Saucer (1956)

I sometimes wonder, when I am watching a children’s film, whether any child out there would actually be entertained by it. That is certainly my reaction to Supersonic Saucer. Mind you, I may just be grumpy because the same footage of the eponymous “Saucer” keeps getting reused over and over.  With the exact same music […]

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Reel Monsters (2022)

It must be something about Bigfoot. Here’s one of the best movies I’ve seen from The Polonia Brothers — the legendary Grade Z filmmakers who’ve made an incredible number of memorably bad but surprisingly addictive DIY shot on video films for well over thirty years.  It’s almost as good as Among Us (2004), which I consider […]

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