The Endless (2017)

I have no idea what this film is. Is it science fiction?  A fantasy?  A Lovecraftian horror film?  A mystery?  A supernatural thriller?  A waking dream? I can’t tell you.  it could be any or all of them.  But whatever it is, you have to watch this one. Now.  Right away. This one is a […]

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Bad Channels (1992)

This is a very, very silly film. I like it. If you asked me what was the best part of all the films Charles Band produced under his Empire Films and Full Moon Features labels, I would be hard pressed to answer. At least at first. But, once I had a chance to think about […]

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The Dark Planet (1989)

This one is far too strange for most of you.  So be warned. Those of you who read Creepy, Eerie or Heavy Metal have undoubtedly encountered Richard Corben’s comics;  if not there then perhaps you’ve caught the stories he’s been doing  lately with Mike Mignola (including that Hellboy book with the Frankenstein monster).  Corben is a master of atmosphere, […]

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Bleak Future (1997)

The name’s Slangman.  One word.  As in Slang-Man, as in the Man of Slang!  As in THE Slangman! It is hard to know where to start with this one. It started out as a Super 8 film, which calls to mind those films the Eighties generation of filmmakers made at home with their cameras (see, for example, […]

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TerrorVision (1986)

This one is beyond me. Perhaps it all gets summed up in the first few moments of the film.  On an alien world we see some sort of moon base with a huge laser cannon or possibly an antenna.  The model is obviously meant to look like a model, the sort of lightly detailed model […]

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Sons of Steel (1988)

This is a strange one. To put it mildly. What we have here is a heavy metal sci fi musical Ozploitation film.  Not that that really suggests just how strange this film is.  We’re talking a decaying near future, a repressive government out to get our hero, a robot, time travel, a sword and sorcery […]

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