TerrorVision (1986)

This one is beyond me. Perhaps it all gets summed up in the first few moments of the film.  On an alien world we see some sort of moon base with a huge laser cannon or possibly an antenna.  The model is obviously meant to look like a model, the sort of lightly detailed model […]

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Sons of Steel (1988)

This is a strange one. To put it mildly. What we have here is a heavy metal sci fi musical Ozploitation film.  Not that that really suggests just how strange this film is.  We’re talking a decaying near future, a repressive government out to get our hero, a robot, time travel, a sword and sorcery […]

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She (1984)

I find myself imagining the writers conference for this film as I write this.  It must have involved ideas scribbled on cards, stuck to a dart, then thrown randomly at a bulletin board and tied together into a vague semblance of order. Thrown by monkeys, that is. Forget the novel by H.Rider Haggard.  It doesn’t […]

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Colossal (2016)

“What’s the most irresponsible thing I can do in this bar?” As far as I”m concerned, saying that a film is Nacho Vigalondo‘s latest effort is more than enough reason to see it. Back in 2005, he suddenly thrust himself on the film world with his incredible, Oscar-nominated short film, “7:35 in the Morning“ which reveals with incredible clarity […]

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