Blood of Ghastly Horror (1967)

(aka, Fiend with the Electronic Brain) I never particularly paid any attention to Al Adamson before. After all, there were a lot of low budget American filmmakers of the Sixties, and about the only one of his films I knew I’d seen was Dracula vs. Frankenstein, thanks to a friend with an obsession with Lon […]

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Armicron (2000)

(aka, Outlaw Power, Armicron in Outlaw Power) I think the main effect of watching this Power Rangers-style direct to video movie is that I now really, really, really want to see the original 1995 Korean film they stole the effects from. I mean, wow, they look remarkably good.  Better, for the most part, than the […]

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City of Rott (2006)

I’ll confess it.  I like Frank Sudol’s weird little animated films a lot more than I should. I first encountered him in the anthology film, Monsterland (2016), to which he contributed a funny but gory animated short which went on a little too long. I then caught his feature film, Shock Invasion (2010), a gleefully black […]

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Savannah Electric Monochrome Dystopia [The Savannah Resistance; Savannah Electric] (1985)

I never thought I would see this film. And now, not only have I seen it, but I’ve seen two different versions of the film. When I first heard of it, under its original name, Savannah Electric Monochrome Dystopia (which I still prefer!), it was almost a myth, one of those tiny independent films you […]

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Vortex (1982)

It was called “No Wave Film.” Although that wasn’t the official name: it was borrowed from the No Wave underground music movement which was already growing at the time and involved many of the same people. Some people called it the “New Cinema,” which was actually the name of the theater which showed these films. […]

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The Peacemakers (2021)

Substance use is recommended for this film. But for Legal Issues we’ve changed the statement above. Substance use is not recommended by this film. You have to admit that isn’t the usual opening credit for a movie…. This little independent from New Zealand is another odd one. But at least it is very funny. Two […]

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Saturnalia (2022)

Look, I’ll admit it. I love everything Joshua Kennedy does. More than that, I know if I watch his latest film, I’m going to have a great time. It’s not that his films are as polished and perfect as that absolutely overblown blockbuster superhero flick you can watch at the theater in Dolby Atmos™.  It’s […]

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