Judge Dredd meets The Terminator, by way of Robocop.  A real train wreck

Filipino CGI film about the wonders of getting out from behind your computer

Meta post-Apocalyptic road epic.  Emphasis on the “Meh”

Liam is having a bad day:  everyone who gets near him dies

Empire Films made this after they saw Tron.  But they’d improve.  Eventually

Can’t decide what kind of film to make?  Do them all in one movie!

Godzilla wannabe

An isolated island, an Indian frog god, gold and Bill Rebane

BBC 4 adaptation of the John Wyndham classic

Energetic (and reasonably good) videogame adaptation.

A Post-Apocalyptic nature gone wild film.  With lots of rats

Beautiful post-Apocalyptic film starring Richard Harris

A lakeside resort is threatened by a fish that can’t open its jaws…

WOW!  Just not quite Minority Report “WOW”, that’s all

Animated Robert Heinlein adaptation.  Only it isn’t Mars

“A film that defies all logic!”  The baddest road race in the Galaxy

The Dragons are back.  Only one species will survive…


See Shinkaijû Reigô

Frustrating.  Very frustrating.  Asks all the right questions, but…

It’s silly.  It’s stupid.  So why do I like the darn thing so much???

  • Reptilian (1999)

See Yonggary 

Goofy giant reptile movie. Lots of fun in a dumb sort of way

Fred Olen Ray’s son’s first film.  Just as bad as you’d expect

Non-stop Time Travel Action from China

Heartfelt Canadian DIY…Time Travel Movie?

Do-it-yourself rehab turns paranoid in Moorhead and Benson’s debut film…

A beautiful movie made on a shoestring but badly in need of a tighter edit…

Bela Lugosi, John Carradine but no George Zucco.  And it’s cheap

  • The Return of James Battle (2004)

See Atomik Circus

Love story travelogue comedy turns into Frankenstein.  With a plant monster

  • The Revenge of Doctor X (1968)

See Mad Doctor of Blood Island

Terrible drunken teenagers meet aliens movie.  Kinda fun

Gritty South African alien invasion film.  No, it isn’t District 9.  Stop asking that!

The Polonia Brothers go ape again!  Bargain basement Planet of the Apes

From the people who brought you Leviathan:  a cheap Leviathan knock-off

Yet another film school project.  With robots.  Sort of

No mutants, Lovecraftian elder gods or portals to hell, please:  we’re British

It’s amazing what you can do with corrugated cardboard!

Weird, bad and lazy.  But just goofy enough to make it interesting.  Mostly

Gladiators in giant robots battle for supremacy!  Glorious B-Movie fun!

They’re not zombies!  An impressive low budget thriller from Andrew Bellware

Robots shooting soldiers, soldiers shooting robots.  What more do you want?

A futuristic heist film, with a notable lack of robots

Stranded pilot on planet dominated by killer machines.

Uggh.  Watch I Love Maria instead.

  • Robowar (2018)

See Battle Bots (2018)

Stunningly beautiful Canadian animated film

The Dirty Dozen meets Disney in a Galaxy far, far away…

What do you get when you combine Blade Runner and…2001?

It’s cheap Italian post-Apocalyptic Rambo!