Meta post-Apocalyptic road epic.  Emphasis on the “Meh”

An isolated island, an Indian frog god, gold and Bill Rebane

BBC 4 adaptation of the John Wyndham classic

Energetic (and reasonably good) videogame adaptation.

“A film that defies all logic!”  The baddest road race in the Galaxy

From the people who brought you Leviathan:  a cheap Leviathan knock-off

Yet another film school project.  With robots.  Sort of

It’s amazing what you can do with corrugated cardboard!

Weird, bad and lazy.  But just goofy enough to make it interesting.  Mostly

A futuristic heist film, with a notable lack of robots

Stranded pilot on planet dominated by killer machines.

Uggh.  Watch I Love Maria instead.

Stunningly beautiful Canadian animated film

The Dirty Dozen meets Disney in a Galaxy far, far away…