Portal Runner (2021)

Not every film needs to be brilliant. Instead, what we all long for, what the little kid in all of us is really looking for, is an all too brief moment of fun, a few minutes of cinematic escapism, with no need for earth shaking themes or heavy drama.  We just want to be thrilled, […]

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The Ugly Duckling (1959)

The weird thing is that, if I told you that Hammer made an adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic story, “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” in 1959, most of you would assume that it was a lesser-known horror film from the start of their horror cycle. Although, if you look at their three, completely unrelated […]

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Return of the Fly (1959)

More than anything else, Return of the Fly reminds me of those endless Universal Horror sequels of the Forties. Even though it was released by Twentieth Century Fox. I suppose it is inevitable: after all, you start such a series of films with some well-known novel (or in the case of The Fly, a short […]

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Death and the Compass (1992)

Honorable Mention Back in the Eighties, there was an almost ridiculously faithful TV movie adaptation of Edgar Allen Poe’s Murders in the Rue Morgue made for CBS.  I say “ridiculously” because it followed nearly every detail of the original (except for an added romantic subplot but we knew they’d stick that in!) but replaced Poe’s […]

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Hollow Man (2000)

The general opinion on this one is that it is pretty terrible. I honestly don’t understand why. It may not be brilliant, or what anyone expected, but it is a pretty decent thriller film, even if it must have cost a ton of money for all the special effects that went into it. Now I […]

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Abdulladzhan, ili posvyashchaetsya Stivenu Spilbergu [Abdullajon] (1991)

(aka; Abdulladzhan, or Dedicated to Steven Spielberg; U.F.O. Boy Abdulladzhan) “I watched a movie yesterday. It’s called “Stalker”. Andrei Tarkovsky made it. “I understood nothing. “But I liked it” And perhaps it will give you a clue to the gentle humor and keen understanding of film underlying Abdullajon if I point out that our unseen […]

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