Friday the 13th’s Jason Vorhees goes into space.  Hilarity ensues.

The landmark album film becomes a stage show and a Direct-To-Video movie!

Takashi Murakami’s creepy cute kids’ movie

Witty wild and surreal Ethiopian 8-Bit Cyberpunk epic

Jack Benny stars in a Star Wars parody? Nope.  Sorry…

Kidnapped people try to survive a deadly game…

  • Ji qi zhi xuel (2017)

See Bleeding Steel

  • Jipangu (1990)

See Zipang

Arty Czech occult film.  With UFOs and the Space shuttle

A talented crew, the craziest movie ever, and an insane Chilean director

Two words:  Don Coscarelli.  It can’t be explained any other way

William Gibson scripted take on his short story

Okay Cyberpunk thriller.  But where’s Emilio Estevez?

Family film about a Chinese Bigfoot…

  • Journey to the Moon (1959)

See Rehla ilal kamar

“Lost” Toho Monster epic.  Slow but ultimately fun

It’s so hard to kill your cheating husband. Particularly if he’s an alien…


See Mystery on Monster Island 

Slapstick ensemble comedy.  But what does have to do with Jules Verne?

Paula Dupree.  Again.  So. Very. Tired.

  • JUNGLE OF DEATH (1985)

See Abriendo fuego

A mad scientist film without a mad scientist

It’s hard to imagine that one man created this film!  Stop motion masterpiece

Getting double-crossed by yakuza is bad enough, but zombies?…

Nothing exceeds like excess:  Yet another Wachowskis’ kitchen sink SF film

It’s the Running Hunger Man Games.  With Dinosaurs…

A Mark Polonia sequel to a Brett Kelly film. A sign of the Apocalypse?…

The first SF musical