The Earth Dies Screaming (1964)

This was the first of three science fiction films directed by Hammer icon Terrence Fisher (see my review of Island of Terror), and by far the shortest, clocking in just under an hour. I have to (once again) confess a definite weakness for British SF from the Fifties and Sixties, particularly those that were to one […]

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Cyborg X (2016)

Sometimes you just have to shake your head at the sinister evil plot. Okay, so you’re planning to prevent something…by causing it to happen? Ummmm….did I miss something here? At any rate, this one was put out by Arrowstorm, who have been making SF and fantasy films using Kickstarter campaigns.  They’re basically a bunch of fanboys […]

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Fissure (2009)

2009 was a very good year for Science Fiction. After a long drought in the theaters following the release of The Lord of the Rings, when the big studios instead turned their energies to making epic fantasies, SF finally found its way back.  While it started with a slow trickle, thanks largely to the efforts of […]

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War of the Worlds: Goliath (2012)

There was a curious moment, re-watching this film after several years, when I looked at our animated heroes lined up for an important briefing and was irresistibly reminded of all those Filmation Children’s cartoons (remember He-Man, The Real Ghostbusters and the animated version of Star Trek?).  I’m not sure entirely why:  I think it was the […]

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