Annihilator (1986)

It’s such a good start. Cue the nervous, jangly, Jan Hammer-esque score and the flashy, MTV-inspired Miami Vice-style editing, as (apparently) dozens of cop cars chase a man in a big, Eighties sedan. Not that we have any idea who this guy is, or why the police are after him. He gets a girl to […]

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The Dunwich Horror (1970)

[Warning: Spoilers Ahead] They should have called this one “Rosmary’s Yog Sothoth.” The Dunwich Horror was actually AIP’s third H.P. Lovecraft adaptation in seven years.  Mind you, Roger Corman was hoping to start a Lovecraft series of films — as he had with Edgar Allen Poe — when he made The Haunted Palace, based on […]

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H.P. Lovecraft’s Dunwich Horror and Other Stories [H.P. Lovecraft no Dunwich Horror Sonota no Monogatari] (2007)

I’m not sure you can really call this one an “animated film.” Well, the little puppet characters do move at times — or so it seems But most of the time they just stand there. In fact, a surprising amount of the movement in this film is accomplished with cuts, or camera movements, or something […]

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Moonfall (2022)

This is an utterly absurd and ridiculous movie. But you knew that already. I mean, a disaster movie about a space mission to stop the moon from falling onto the Earth.  You don’t get more absurd than that. Now, if you had any doubts about its absurdity, even after such a description, you need only […]

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Under the Mountain (1981)

A TV series from New Zealand was shown in the United States? And only two years after it ran back home? I suppose stranger things have happened. Of course, at the time, Nickleodeon was still in its earliest stages, and desperate for low priced children’s shows to present.  One of their offerings was The Third […]

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Automatic (1995)

Let’s see… A cyborg kickboxer movie starring some guy with a French accent? Never saw that one before. Only Automatic isn’t your typical kickboxing cyborg movie, even if Olivier Gruner does have a French accent — although, to be fair, he’s actually French, not Belgian. If that makes a difference. Robgen Industries has made a […]

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Hide and Seek (1984)

A series of mysterious computer disruptions occur in a number of completely unrelated systems — including a bank, a power company, and a nuclear reactor.  This baffles the authorities and the technical experts, as it seems that someone has hacked the unhackable control program that is at the center of the software they all use, […]

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Terminus (1987)

What would you get if you remade The Road Warrior (aka, Mad Max 2) as a French artfilm? Well, it would be pretty strange.  Maybe as strange as Terminus. Except that the world of Terminus is not really post-Apocalyptic.  The one major city we see looks beautiful and largely undamaged, even if its residents look […]

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Ghost in the Machine (1993)

The problem with computer graphics is that it is very hard to assess what they must have looked like at the time they were made. After all, they’ve come a very long way and effects that were once state of the art can look seriously crappy now. Admittedly, we’ve hit a bit of a plateau […]

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