Cuo wei [Dislocation] (1986)

Wow. If you watched Dislocation with no idea of where it came from, you might think that it was made by the French New Wave. Well, at least if you had the sound turned off. Instead, this is a stunning, deeply artistic film which somehow got made in Communist China, a funny, satiric and yet […]

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Beyond Atlantis (1973)

The first warning, of course, was seeing Eddie Romero’s name emblazoned proudly at the beginning of the credits. Back in the Seventies, Eddie had this incredible epiphany which revealed to him that the Philippines had one incredible selling point for film makers and investors: You could make movies there really, really cheaply. So he churned […]

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Nightmare Code (2014)

Years ago, back in 2000 to be precise, there was a movie called Time Code.  It showed four different movies at once on a split screen, although the stories did overlap just a bit. Actually, the idea is a bit older and there was a 1973 psycho killer comedy called Wicked, Wicked, in what they […]

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Stasis (2017)

More than anything else, Stasis reminds me of Vincenzo Natali’s Haunter, a ghost film told from the perspective of the ghost. Which is an odd thing to be saying about a Time Travel movie. And yet it really isn’t that far from what we have here: One morning, after a particularly bad party, Ava wakes […]

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Shark Side of the Moon (2022)

Originals. Every streaming platform feels the need to put them out right now, it seems. But a free streaming platform like Tubi? Okay, I’m worried. You have to think about the economics of this all: they’re giving away their content, after all, and they already have one of the largest and most diverse catalogs in […]

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Death Collector (1988)

Right. Westerns. Let’s face it, they’re dead and gone.  People keep trying to revive them, we’ve got one or two good movies along the way, but the reality is, the Western is dead.  Finished.  Kaput. Which didn’t stop people from trying to make space Westerns, like Outland, Space Rage, Oblivion, and (best of all) Firefly.  Nor […]

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Voodoo Man (1944)

It’s almost refreshing, really. We’ve seen so many of these mad scientist films which decided that it would be a great idea to throw in a bit of voodoo.  Heck, I just reviewed Al Adamson’s amusingly awful Blood of Ghastly Horror (1967). They all love to tell us about the scientific marvels hidden in native […]

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Konga TNT (2020)

And once again I watched a movie I was never, ever going to watch. Let’s face it: I’ve seen Brett Kelly’s movies before.  Well, to be precise, I’ve seen one of his movies, Raiders of the Lost Shark (2015), it just feels like I’ve seen a lot more of them because that one is so bad. […]

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