The Psychotronic Man (1979)

Imagine, a cult film that spawned an entire genre of trashy films… The Psychotronic Man was one of those one man band films, where the director, Jack M. Sell, also shot the film, edited it and co-wrote the script with his star, Peter  Spelson (who also produced.)  It stars no one you ever heard of, […]

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Destination Space (1959)

This has, of course, been billed as a “lost” Fifties science fiction film.  Not that the label really fits. Destination Space was instead the pilot for a television series that never got made.  Long time television character actor Harry Townes got a rare starring role, with John Agar second billed  and Edward Platt (“The Chief” […]

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Event 16 (2006)

One of the biggest mistakes first time filmmakers make is that their ambitions overwhelmingly exceed their capabilities. Fortunately, no one ever warned Derek Pearson about this. Pearson spent five years and about $60,000 creating his backyard movie.  An inventor, struggling to recreate something that happened in his lab earlier, is unaware that his girlfriend is […]

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A Cold Night’s Death (1973)

The 1970s were the age of the TV movie. The American networks brought a remarkable number of interesting horror and science fiction films to the air for more than a decade, with a little help from producers like Dan Curtis, writers like Richard Matheson, and even the young Steven Spielberg behind the camera. Of course, excellent films […]

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Ejecta (2014)

A science fiction film by the guy who wrote Pontypool??? Generally, that seems to be what most people have to say about Ejecta.  After all, there have been almost as many movies about people who’ve been abducted by evil grey aliens as there have been zombie movies. Okay, maybe not quite that many, but still, […]

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Nuits rouges [aka, Shadowman] (1974)

Do mad scientist films actually qualify as science fiction? One of my favorite films is Georges Franju’s Judex (1963), a film that combines amazing black and white compositions, steampunk-ish inventions, a pulpy plot borrowed from a 1916 French serial, and just a hint of tongue in cheek humor.  Eleven years later, he created another, very similar […]

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Robot Bastard! (2002)

“Here we go again…” Who needs a multi-million dollar budget? For a mere $18,000, comics artist Rob Schrab and a bunch of his friends created this insane little short, repurposing whatever trash they could find to create a film with its own distinctive look:  think what you’d get if you took the future world imagined […]

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