Impressive short film which promises more to come

Bizarre J-Horror film, with a strange monster and even stranger science

Elegant deep space romance

Brilliant Rene Clair silent comedy

Alternate history vampire movie.  From New Zealand

Screwball British comedy, but two decades too late

Soviet era first contact film.  Interesting but slow.  Naturally

AIP film that really makes you appreciate Roger Corman

Dario Argento may have made stranger films.  But it hardly seems likely

Videogames attack the Earth.  Watch the original short instead.

It really makes you appreciate just how good Ed Wood was

Computer Generated anime

Beautiful – and tragic – romantic VR short film

Part fantasy film, part Russian Star Trek

Island rises from sea, complete with pirate treasure and giant crabs

Hammer-ish psycho-thriller about an Alien invader

A better than average Polonia Brothers film.  For what that’s worth

Incredible Russian first contact movie

Nightmarish gameshow movie, based loosely on Robert Sheckley’s story

Weird direct to video oddity

Decidedly psychotronic

A Lovecraftian Brett Piper monster comedy

Heady action flick with questions about the dangers of unlimited power