• M.A.R.S. (1922)

See 100 Years of 3D Movies Featuring the Man from M.A.R.S.

Gangstas, Aliens and…Mexican Masked Wrestlers? Insane Studio 4C Anime

It should be “Product Placement and Me”

  • The Macabre Trunk(1936)

See El baúl macabro

See Hercules Against the Moon Men

A mad Scientist, plant men, naked girls, a packet of green blood.  Yawn

Mad scientist Lionel Atwill takes over an island?  As if we’d have time for that…

  • Mad Genius (2017)

See Mindhack: #savetheworld

Classic, Expressionist Thirties horror film: Peter Lorre’s finest moment

It’s hard to believe it, but there’s still life in Max!

  • Mad Mission Part 2: Aces Go Places (1983)

See Zui jia pai dang 2: Da xian shen tong

A better than average PRC Monster movie

  • Mad Rabbit (1997)

See Feng kuang de tu zi

Don’t drink and time travel!

Also known as “They Saved Hitler’s Brain.” That’s all you need to know…

A movie adaptation of…a party game?…

Astounding!  Incredible Japanese comedy about the paranormal…

Impressive Indie Space Exploration film about love and scientific curiosity

I’m really surprised to see Fred Olen Ray’s name on this thing — it’s so cheap!

Somewhere among all the flying fists, they’re ripping off E.T. (and Raiders)

A very strange Art House Post Apocalyptic movie

Girl mail orders a robot monster to solve all her problems.  Okay…for kids

Weird and witty.  Conspiracy theories, alternate realities…and a space pen

Jerry Warren’s first film — and it’s sorta OK.  Amazing

Interesting idea completely let down by a lack of imagination

  • THE MAN FROM M.A.R.S. (1922)

See 100 Years of 3D Movies Featuring the Man from M.A.R.S.

  • Man in Outer Space (1962)

See Muz z prvního století

The Wolfman, with electricity?  Lon Chaney, Jr.’s first big Horror film

  • Man of the First Century (1962)

See Muz z prvního století

  • The Man of Ganimedes (1976)

See El hombre perseguido por un O.V.N.I. 

How to survive in the wild — with a monster stalking you…

  • The Man Who Thought Life (1969)

See Manden der tænkte ting

Nothing pleases a life sucking immortal more than a pretty girl…

Put some ice on it! Boris Karloff finds the cure for everything…

A time traveler with amnesia and a talking hand? No, it’s not Robert Culp

Bruce Campbell, brain transplants, cyborg revenge and a mad scientist.  Bliss


See Las ratas no duermen de noche

Billionaire needs a new brain?  I know: let’s go get Nostradamus’ head!

The Astron 6 Collective’s homage to bad Nineties Cyborg movies

Lost Danish Classic:  Steinmetz can make things with his mind

Charles Band’s first horror film.  Surprise, surprise, it’s a copy…

The title (either one) says it all…

Creepy telekinetic kids, brutal fights…and a top rated TV talent show?

Moody Mexican Mad Scientist film.  Not bad

  • The Mark of Death (1961)

See La marca del muerto

Olivier Gruner kickboxing action film.  Only the setting is different…

Incredible animated Rom Com.  In space

  • MARS EN CARÊME (1968)

See Ne jouez pas avec les Martiens

Unique and Arty Quebecois Science Fiction Film…

  • MARS MANIA (1922)

See 100 Years of 3D Movies Featuring the Man from M.A.R.S.

Ho hum.  A game spin-off


See Mansion of the Doomed

Hey, they told us straight up it’s a cynical cash grab…

A Bruce Campbell movie without Bruce Campbell

Girl gets sucked into videogame.  Only more post-modern

The original adventure of the ultimate talking head!

Fanboys save the world from…videogame zombies?

You know, the one with the killer trucks?…

Not even genetically engineered super soldiers are safe from teen movies!

  • Maximum Surge (2003)

See Game Over

Creepy Gothic horror with the dumbest and most absurd surprise ending ever

First Anime to feature Mecha returns to the big screen.  With lots of robots

Fun little space robot film based on a classic story by Richard Corben…

Wacky spaced-out space odyssey complete with Star child.  And R. Crumb…

Beautiful Soviet trip to Mars.  But that’s about it

Richard Burton, telekinesis, and massive disasters


See Daikaijû Batoru: Urutora Ginga Densetsu – The Movie

Oh, look.  A movie about big scorpions.

Child arrives from another world and becomes…a Supervillain?

  • Mekagojira no gyakushu (1975)

See Terror of Mechagodzilla (1975)

1st Czech Science Fiction film — and 7th worst pre-1950 Science Fiction movie

Absurd time travel comedy that pays homage to The Infinite Man

Weird, disturbing, colorful. Little seen Spanish Psychedelic Film…

Brilliant anime anthology film from Katsuhiro Otomo.  A must see

The Life Corporation runs everything!

  • The Men (2017)

See Alien Code

More like “Meh” in Black

No Wave space comedy.  Mostly of historical interest

High tech thriller with virtual reality and brain downloads

A cute green Martian lost in Buenos Aires.  Only blacker and more satiric

Absurd Fifties mad scientist effort

  • Message from Outer Space (1981)

See Swords of the Space Ark

Charles Band’s very own American-made Italian Mad Max copy!

  • Metamorphosis (2011)

See Henge


Shake The Fly, The Thing and Night of the Comet in a box:  this is what you get


See Teenage Monster

First animated Soviet sci fi short. A propaganda poster brought to life…

Just awful.  Avoid if possible

With Y2K looming, will Victor Vice’s brain machine make us immortal?…

A strange and special film about what a father will do for his son

Ahem:  “Mikadroid: Robokill Beneath Disco Club Layla.”  Say it three times fast.

Extra gooey

  • Mill of the Stone Women (1960)

See Il mulino delle donne di pietra

Eccentric Hillbillies vs. Kaiju Eiga movie

Incredibly cheap.  Incredibly ambitious…

Let’s see your High School do this…

Canadian High School Teen Comedy — only with more mind control…

So…how did that newspaper get there? Don’t think about it. They didn’t

Hack your brain and save the world!

Mind control manuscript turns nerd comedy into icky horror…

Back to the Eighties!  Powerful Scanners — I mean Telekinetics — duke it out

A serious – if dull – attempt at a serious movie about virtual reality



See Galaxy of Terror (1981)

Hong Kong’s first big budget Hollywood-style blockbuster.  Needs work.

Delightful, little-seen Romanian animated Science Fiction film

Moody minimalist time travel story told with a digital still camera.  Stunning

  • Mr. Blob in the Universe [Mr. Blot in the Universe] (1988)

See Pan Kleks w kosmosie 

  • Mr. Digital (1983)

See Da lui toi

  • Mr. MacKinley’s Flight (1975)

See Begstvo mistera Mak-Kinli

Whoa.  It isn’t terrible!  Hollywood gets Jay Ward right.  No, really!

What’s worse than a family roadtrip? A robot revolution!

A famous scientist, a plane crash, and helpful aliens…

Lost Kingdom movie.  With burrowing subterranean humanoids

Childlike young woman in an all-out post-Apocalyptic One-Girl war…

Inventor’s new machine threatens to destroy the world…

  • Il Mondo di Yor

See Yor, the Hunter from the Future (1983)

Wow:  A halfway decent SyFy Tremors rip-off

George Romero film about a terrifying…tiny little monkey?

  • Monster (1953)

See El monstruo resucitado

Pollution, logging and lake monsters.  Based on a…real story?…

Life is like a movie — a cheap Fifties Sci Fi Horror Movie…

Wins the award for the most static, glitches and gaps in a found footage film

An unhappy child, a drunken mom, a lonely road and one helluva scary monster…

Wow!  Scary, intense, but totally unknown creature feature from China

At least it has a good opening image

Curious cross between Film Noir and…a killer ape?

  • Monster Beach Party (2009)

See Stomp! Shout! Scream! (2005)

By Fanboys, for Fanboys…

  • Monster from a Prehistoric Planet (1967)

See Daikyojû Gappa

Roger Corman’s first attempt at production.  But at least the MiniSub is cool

  • Monster Heaven (1986)

See Youkai tengoku

  • Monster Heaven: Ghost Hero (1990)

See Youkai tengoku: Ghost Hero

Milla Jovovich fights videogame monsters…but it’s a different game

You’ve seen it all before.  Just not in the same place…

The Asylum’s answer to Godzilla, King of the Monsters

Mark, John and their friends go on a road trip, but have monster trouble

Christopher Mihm’s first venture into the Mihmiverse

A breezy Romantic Musical Comedy…with Monsters.  From Christopher Mihm

  • The Monster of the Volcano (1963)

See El monstruo de los volcanes

  • Monster Planet of Godzilla (1994)

See Kaijû puranetto: Gojira

Tokyo is attacked by giant seafood.  Tasty

  • Monster Shark (1984)

See Rosso nell’oceano

We have to stop the giant…snails before they devour the world!

Pretty much what you’d expect

Monster-themed anthology from Dread Central


See Kaijû daifunsen: Daigorou tai Goriasu [Daigoro vs. Goliath] (1972)

Monsters, Inc. is a Science Fiction film.  Really

Killer robots hunt jungle villagers.  Stunning

Oh, well.  They tried so hard…

  • Monstroid (1980)

See Monster

Totally bonkers, Fifties-ish exploitation film

  • Monstrum (2018)

See Mulgoe

Engineer has to fight Aztec…Bigfoot?…

Atmospheric Mexican mad scientist film

  • Moon Man (2022)

See Du xing yue qiu

Turning into a Wolf Doesn’t Make You a Werewolf?  SOV Dystopia

Utterly absurd, even by Roland Emmerich’s standards:  Lots of fun

Arty film that wimps out at the end

Retro short film about desperation, hope, and taking a Cadillac to the moon…

The Producers.  With more heads getting blown off with shotguns

Beautiful and tragic adaptation of Adolfo Bioy Casares’ novel

Greek Art house post-Apocalyptic film.  Very bleak

Giant cities roam the devasted Earth eating each other.  Way cool

Did our nuclear rocket just cause the end of the world?…

Culty horror comedy about giant…  Oh, you guessed it already?

  • Mosquito Man (2005)

See Mansquito

Gangster Movie.  Oh, yeah, one of them is immune to bullets…

No wonder they closed the trails!  Alien Monsters and Portals.

Mexican Caped Crimefighter vs. mad scientist’s deadly fish man!

An ordinary apartment house in the city.  With a rat problem

Korean historical epic…with a giant monster

What’s going on at the sinister mill?  We’ll get to it.  Eventually

Find a tomb full of moldy mummies? Turn them into an animatronic attraction!

Cold War murder mystery set on the…well, you know

  • Murder in Space (1989)

Possible alternate title for Murder on the Moon [Murder by Moonlight]

As shocking as it could be — in 1932

Strange and arty super low budget Canadian space film.

  • Mutafukaz (2017)


Roger Corman produced Alien copy, but not as bad as you’d think

  • Mutant (1984)

See Night Shadows

Renegade animator Bill Plympton’s nearly pornographic space film

There’s just one word for it: Outrageous

Need to fight androids 10 times stronger than us?  Use your bare hands!

Brett Piper’s third film:  monsters, mutants, and a wannabe hero

Dark British Crime Drama — with a guy in a giant furry rat suit

  • Mutation on Mars (2021)

See Huo xing yi bian

Donald Pleasance, Tom Baker and killer plants.  With freaks

Routine monster flick with silly cat beasts and…Brion James, hero???

  • Mutronics (1991)

See The Guyver

Even Oldrich Lipsky couldn’t make a Socialist Utopia funny…

Dinosaurs, mutants, apemen and a sweet cherry red ’68 GTO

  • The Mysterians (1957)

See Chikyû Bôeigun

Jaunty Czech steampunk comedy

Aliens, Pirates and People from the Center of the Earth.  Just like Jules Verne

Brett Piper’s first film.  With appalling sound issues and plenty of monsters


See Uchûjin Tôkyô ni arawaru

Silly Shaggy Dog film with no resemblance to anything Verne wrote…

  • The Mystery of Two Oceans (1957)

See Tayna dvukh okeanov