My Science Project (1985)

There once was a time when Disney only made “G” rated films. I suppose that might be hard to believe for those too young to remember all those low-budget Disney family films (with Kurt Russell as a teenager!) but it was a huge shock when they released their first PG film, The Black Hole.  They didn’t […]

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The Power (1968)

This was one of George Pal’s last SF films, and opinion is greatly divided on it.  I am in the camp that thinks it is a minor classic. It was one of the first — or perhaps the first —  of that now familiar subgenre, the paranoid thriller about rogue telepaths.  One of the scientists […]

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Scanners (1981)

This is a movie that gained instant notoriety for a single moment. I refer, of course, to that infamous scene where, as a result of an attack by a powerful telepath, or “Scanner”, a man’s head explodes in a gory spray of blood and flesh. Which is somewhat ironic as that only happens once, even […]

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King Kong (1978)

If you haven’t seen it yet, I strongly recommend that you check out the short film Super 8 Daze, by Rob Hampton. He’s a professional filmmaker who made a lot of short documentary films about pop culture, things like The Gong Show, The Planet of the Apes and  those classic Aurora model kits kids my age […]

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Star Crystal (1986)

And here we have yet another Alien copy put out by Roger Corman’s New World Pictures. I think he might merely have distributed this one as it doesn’t have as much recognizable stock footage.  Certainly it doesn’t look much cheaper than most of his cheap copies, even if the space ships and space stations do […]

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The Cremators (1972)

A giant glowing ball from Outer Space falls to earth, then rolls over people, reducing them to people-shaped piles of ash. Which makes this one sound far more interesting than it really is. After a brief, narrated introduction about its legendary arrival as a ball of fire from the sky — an arrival there couldn’t […]

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