Mega Scorpions (2003)

(aka Deadly Stingers) It turns out that this one was made back in 2002, but after a few festival appearances as “Deadly Stingers” it remained unseen until 2013. It wasn’t worth the wait. To be fair, it vanished because Full Moon Features was working on a distribution deal with Fox that fell through. But they […]

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KillerSaurus (2015)

Not every film has to be a huge film. Particularly not when it is a conceptually interesting creature feature. I’ll admit it is familiar territory: a research project, trying to create a living creature from scratch, is a little too successful. While we’ve seen it before, there are some nice touches like the rather quirky […]

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Assassinaut (2019)

I’m not sure what to make of this one. Partly this is because it starts in one place, turns into something else and goes off the deep end at the finish. We have a group of children chosen to go into space, an assassination attempt that leaves them stranded on an alien planet, a bit […]

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Planet Patrol (1999)

It is one thing to watch a movie and think you’ve seen it before. It is something entirely different to watch a movie for the first time and know that you’ve seen it before. In 1998, with the American Godzilla on the way, Full Moon Features made two Kaiju Eiga of their own (under their […]

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Among Us (2004)

(aka Bigfoot Among Us) This is a remarkable film. And perhaps what is even more remarkable is that it was made by the Polonia Brothers. For those of you who still haven’t encountered them, the Polonia Brothers started out as a pair of teen-aged Pennsylvania twins who became cult heroes with their silly gorefest SOV […]

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Monster Movie (2008)

(aka Dinosaur Activity) You are cleaning out your storeroom at the University and you find a pile of film cans full of unused 16mm film stock. What do you do? Well, if you are Mark Polonia, you use them to make a movie about a guy who finds a stockpile of 16mm film stock and […]

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Adventurados (2015)

The story goes that Berton Pierce was working on miniatures for the movie The Grand Budapest Hotel when he got the idea of making a science fiction film using some of the best model makers in the business, artists who had created models for everything from Flash Gordon and Space 1999 to Moon and the […]

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Battle: New York, Day 2 (2011)

There’s a terrible flash of light and most of the people in New York City vanish all at once. The few who are left have become mindless drones following the instructions of the big machines which have just arrived. Except there are a few survivors who haven’t joined the ranks of the zombie-like drones. And […]

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Erratum 2037 (2020)

“There’s one more thing I didn’t understand…” This is wild, funny and very witty film, full of surprises and clever ideas. It is just hard to believe that it was made by three teen-aged brothers, that’s all. Now, let’s get this straight right now:  if you think every movie made needs to be Hollywood  perfect, […]

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Virus (1999)

Bragging rights. That was how Jamie Lee Curtis summed up her role in Virus: when a fellow actor complains about how awful the bad film they did was, she can always show off her clips and say, oh yeah? I was in Virus! Now I’m not convinced Virus ever reaches such epic heights of badnesss. […]

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