Mega Scorpions (2003)

(aka Deadly Stingers)

It turns out that this one was made back in 2002, but after a few festival appearances as “Deadly Stingers” it remained unseen until 2013.

It wasn’t worth the wait.

To be fair, it vanished because Full Moon Features was working on a distribution deal with Fox that fell through.

But they mustn’t have had much faith in the thing if they shelved it for over a decade.

It is one of those films that almost explain themselves: toxic waste is dumped, creatures mutate, people get eaten.

And I’m sure you already know that those mutants just happened to be giant scorpions?

There was an attempt to make this one mildly different from the average giant bug movie: it is set in a halfway house for paroled convicts. But it really doesn’t matter that much as crack heads and tough girls can get eaten as easily as anyone else.

For some strange reason Mega Scorpions was shot in the old Academy ratio rather than in widescreen. It leads me to suspect that it may have been intended for television.

As usual, those evil corporations get the blame although it is hard to miss that the real villains are the local authorities, the Mayor and the Sheriff, who not only cover it all up, but actually railroad someone into prison to keep the story from leaking.

Oh, well. It’s a Full Moon Feature. So it is reasonably well done. Even if the creature effects aren’t exactly noteworthy.

But it lacks that spark of divine madness that a choice few of Charles Band’s films radiate.

And there really isn’t anything more to be said.

(watch for free on Tubi)



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