KillerSaurus (2015)

Not every film has to be a huge film.

Particularly not when it is a conceptually interesting creature feature.

I’ll admit it is familiar territory: a research project, trying to create a living creature from scratch, is a little too successful.

While we’ve seen it before, there are some nice touches like the rather quirky method used to create the titular creature — and what they are using to “print” it. Then there is the character-driven nature of the film, at least once we’ve got the first act with all the story set-up and sci fi mumbo jumbo out of the way. The sudden break in the story at that point is also nicely unexpected, even if we have guessed one of the big secrets long before we get there.

After all, what exactly can one do with a monster like that?

The Stage 2 creature is rather silly, though. Fortunately it doesn’t stick around for long.

So what we’ve got here is a nice little British film which has the virtue of being short, with a few solid ideas, three mostly interesting characters, and a few bits of monster action.

Even if not very many.

Not bad for a small film — one which I suspect was made independently on a tiny budget. If you are looking for a Jurassic Park-style rampage, then you are not going to be happy. But if you are willing to accept something more intimate, something staged more like a mystery play than a big tent pole action film, with a somewhat restrained use of its monsters, then it is reasonably entertaining in a mild sort of way.

What more can you ask of a film barely over an hour long?

(Watch for free at Tubi)






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