True Bloodthirst [Vampyre Nation] (2012)

It’s strange, but there are times when an idea suddenly starts appearing in movie after movie even though there is no connection between them — and the films themselves have little in common beyond certain shared themes. In the Nothings — and Twenty-tens — there were a lot of high tech vampire movies, often with […]

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Bermuda Tentacles (2014)

There are some things that really bug you when people get them wrong. Usually, they’re the simple things that anyone who made the slightest effort would get right.  And I do mean the slightest. Now I’m not referring to the fact that we’re told that what is obviously a World War II vintage warship is […]

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Campus Code (2015)

You have to wonder: How many low budget Independent Science Fiction films — even those of the Mind You-Know-What variety — have had Martin Scorsese in a minor part? Maybe I’ve missed a few but as far as I know, the answer is…just this one. But it’s really not that much of a mystery why […]

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Street Asylum (1990)

“Now I ain’t no sissyfied preacher… “I am just an old fashioned, heaven-sent, sin-killing, blood-bought, God-given, Jesus-loving preacher. “And I have come to save your souls!” It’s really a remarkable opening, with Brion James, the hulking, chinless character actor who played one of the replicants in Blade Runner and graced so many Science Fiction and […]

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The Tower (1985)

Let’s face it: The most interesting part about this one is that it appears to have been made for CHCH in Hamilton, Ontario, one of those Independent monster mega TV stations with an absolutely incredible broadcast range like WGN in Chicago, WOR in New York, or Ted Turner’s WTBS.  It used to be carried by […]

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Deep In (2021)

Perhaps the best Science Fiction film of 2016 was The End of the Lonely Island, an independent Chinese effort (and, yes, we know there isn’t much of an Indie film industry in China!) by first time feature film director Wang Renchao.  It was a dense, complex and yet fairly simple film, with a beautifully structured […]

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Synchronic (2019)

If there is any justice in the world of Science Fiction cinema, then the Twenty-Teens (and possibly the Twenty-Twenties) will be remembered as the age of Moorhead and Benson. So far they’ve directed four unique and fascinating sui generis films, which turn our standard genre tropes on their ears and use them to tell remarkably […]

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