We only have 48 hours to save the world from Brett Piper’s Blob-monster!

Turn off your radio!  Aliens are after our women!

Peter Jackson’s homemade splatter comedy debut.  Demented fun

  • Bakterion

See Panic (1982)

Dark, grim and desaturated take on colorful psychedelic kids’ show.  Bleah

If Feeders was the Polonia Brothers’ Independence Day, then this is Robot Jox

Nanomachines, zombies and big, spiky alien wheels.  All on a budget

A man accidentally receives a serial killer’s memories.  Elegant Chinese thriller

Dolph Lundgren battles zombies with the help of Killer Robots.  Really

Road Warrior hero battles a villain with a…  (Don’t make me say it!)

  • The Batwoman (1968)

See La mujer murcielago

Early Mad Scientist film — from Mexico

The perfect heist, the perfect getaway…except for that darn spider-monster!

A monster movie made by a…TV Station in Kansas?  Seriously


See Bering Sea Beast

I feel so bad for poor Tor Johnson…

  • The Beautiful Dreamer (1952)

See El bello durmiente

  • Before We Vanish (2017)

     See Sanpo suru shinryakusha

Tin Tan Mexican Caveman comedy

Sea Vampires!

Computer games, mind control and Action movie nonsense

Earnest attempt to adapt the unadaptable.  Kudos for trying.

Not so much a sequel as an unsuccessful parody

It’s a sequel

Moby Dick in Spaaaaace…  Only not too bad

  • The Big Calamity (1976)

See Zhan shen

The kind of film Pixar used to make

Pleased to meet you, Meat to please you.  Delightfully odd Canadian SF musical

  • Bigfoot Among Us (2004)

See Among Us

Legendary boys’ adventure hero and a time travelling TV dinner CEO!

Bloody Russian Time Travel film — with just a smidgen of Primer

Alex Cox takes on Harry Harrison.  And loses

 Routine Fred Olen Ray Cheapie with a totally off the fourth wall ending…

Giant Bugs, Brett Piper…and a huge statue of Godzilla?

Martin Gooch’s take on the post-Apocalyptic survival film

Ross MacDonald meets Jim Thompson.  A Cyborg P.I. in future Oregon

Willis O’Brien’s giant scorpion movie.  Lots of fun!

Something sinister, deadly and unseen, lurks in the sea. Lovecraftian horror

Incredible. Dazzling. Beautiful. Stylish. Intelligent. Classic. But very, very bleak.

Absurd post-Apocalyptic Super 8 nonsense.  Great fun!

Near classic Jackie Chan Sci Fi nonsense!  More fun than a barrel of stuntmen!

Gruesome 80s remake.  As good (or better) than the Classic

  • The Block (1985)

See Timeslip: The Block (1985)

Stranded in space, running out of food, and caught in a sinister conspiracy

  • Blood Camp Thatcher (1982)

See Turkey Shoot

Wild and weird almost-a-feature music video.  But not much else

Science can save the world — by making vampires!

The Polonia Brothers’ Spaghetti Sci Fi film

  • BLOOD TYPE: BLUE (1978)

See Burû Kurisumasu


See Burû Kurisumasu

There are no blue monkeys in this film.  Just really, really big bugs…

  • Blue Steel (1987)

See R.O.T.O.R.

Fast, breezy and silly Warner Brothers Invisibility comedy

That body in the web is memorable.  But it’s mostly about pretty girls

  • The Body Snatcher (1957)

See Ladrón de cadáveres

Goofy screwball comedy.  With Boris Karloff.  And mad scientist interruptions

Bloody John McNaughton Alien-on-the-run film.  But the dog is way too much

Lawrence Olivier, Gregory Peck and James Mason.  Greatest “B” Movie ever!

Donovan’s Brain meets Edgar Wallace

Evil Alien Brain tries to control the world – using television

An evil alien brain takes over John Agar!

Routine 50s Sci Fi.  But at least it has Leonard Nimoy

Colorful Giant Robot movie.  All set up, but Tokusatsu-riffic!

“Evil Has Found Its Superhero.”  But the wasp thing is more interesting

Elegant Nouvelle Vague Science Fiction short — but not the one you’re thinking

Ghostbusters-style exterminators vs. mutant bugs, with lots of exposition

Elegant, if arty, Enki Bilal science fiction film

Mad Max ripoff?  Punk Rock Concert Film?  No, something stranger than that

Dark story about government conspiracies, UFOs and people with blue blood