We only have 48 hours to save the world from Brett Piper’s Blob-monster!

Turn off your radio!  Aliens are after our women!

Peter Jackson’s homemade splatter comedy debut.  Demented fun

  • Bakterion

See Panic (1982)

If Feeders was the Polonia Brothers’ Independence Day, then this is Robot Jox

A man accidentally receives a serial killer’s memories.  Elegant Chinese thriller

Dolph Lundgren battles zombies with the help of Killer Robots.  Really

Road Warrior hero battles a villain with a…  (Don’t make me say it!)

The perfect heist, the perfect getaway…except for that darn spider-monster!

I feel so bad for poor Tor Johnson…

Computer games, mind control and Action movie nonsense

Not so much a sequel as an unsuccessful parody

It’s a sequel

The kind of film Pixar used to make

Pleased to meet you, Meat to please you.  Delightfully odd Canadian SF musical

Legendary boys’ adventure hero and a time travelling TV dinner CEO!

Bloody Russian Time Travel film — with just a smidgen of Primer

Alex Cox takes on Harry Harrison.  And loses

 Routine Fred Olen Ray Cheapie with a totally off the fourth wall ending…

Giant Bugs, Brett Piper…and a huge statue of Godzilla?

Ross MacDonald meets Jim Thompson.  A Cyborg P.I. in future Oregon

Something sinister, deadly and unseen, lurks in the sea. Lovecraftian horror

Incredible. Dazzling. Beautiful. Stylish. Intelligent. Classic. But very, very bleak.

Absurd post-Apocalyptic Super 8 nonsense.  Great fun!

Near classic Jackie Chan Sci Fi nonsense!  More fun than a barrel of stuntmen!

Gruesome 80s remake.  As good (or better) than the Classic

Stranded in space, running out of food, and caught in a sinister conspiracy

The Polonia Brothers’ Spaghetti Sci Fi film

There are no blue monkeys in this film.  Just really, really big bugs…

  • Blue Steel (1987)

See R.O.T.O.R.

That body in the web is memorable.  But it’s mostly about pretty girls

Bloody John McNaughton Alien-on-the-run film.  But the dog is way too much

Elegant, if arty, Enki Bilal science fiction film

Donovan’s Brain meets Edgar Wallace

Evil Alien Brain tries to control the world – using television

Routine 50s Sci Fi.  But at least it has Leonard Nimoy

Mad Max ripoff?  Punk Rock Concert Film?  No, something stranger than that