Horror Planet [Inseminoid] (1981)

This isn’t a film I would normally have considered watching. Blame it on the exploitative title it generally seems to go by, and on the fact that it is yet another girl-impregnated-by-alien film.  Nor was there anything about it that suggested that it might have some redeeming qualities.  In fact, I actually had some vague […]

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Escape from New York (1981)

It was perhaps the finest moment in  John Carpenter’s career. Just three years after the surprise success of his genre-defining serial killer film, Halloween, with a couple of TV movies and an interesting ghost story (The Fog) in between, John made one of his most famous films, the Eighties movie of Eighties movies, Escape from New […]

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Annihilation (2018)

What was it? A meteorite that fell to earth? Or a visitation from outer space? Whatever it was, there appeared in our small land a miracle of miracles—the ZONE. We sent in troops. None returned. Then we surrounded the zone with police cordons… We did right… Although I’m not sure… The quote above is not […]

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Fatal Future (2018)

This one surprised me. Perhaps the most wildly overdone subgenre out there in Indie SF these days is the deliberately bad film. As I’ve noted before, when one watches a genuinely inspired bad movie, we are seeing a film that came by its badness honestly.  The people who made it were trying to make a […]

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Assassin (1986)

I was rather surprised that Robert Conrad did not look as old as I expected in this one.  He’s still around and working which surprises me even more. After all, The Wild Wild West goes all the way back to 1965. Although what is perhaps stranger is that (unlike so many leading men) he’s actually […]

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It Came from the Desert (2017)

The opening narration should give it away. I mean, this one was based on a video game that came out in the late Eighties, and actually starts with the opening narration from the game.  It has this awkward clunky style which may be meant to echo the sort of overblown and over-dramatic introductory speeches you’d […]

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The Endless (2017)

I have no idea what this film is. Is it science fiction?  A fantasy?  A Lovecraftian horror film?  A mystery?  A supernatural thriller?  A waking dream? I can’t tell you.  it could be any or all of them.  But whatever it is, you have to watch this one. Now.  Right away. This one is a […]

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A Wrinkle in Time (2018)

(Spoilers ahead.  Read at your own risk.) For a long time it seemed as if every Science Fiction film had to have a “Stargate” sequence like 2001.  Even a normally sensible director like Brian DePalma fell into the trap in Mission To Mars. But it’s been a long time since I saw one.  A very […]

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