Dark Encounter (2019)

It’s been a year since Maisie disappeared. Her family has gathered for a memorial service, but strange things start happening when they return to the family home afterwards — mysterious lights, odd noises, things moving just out of sight. Something is out there in the woods, something that snatches the family members away one at […]

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ZillaFoot (2019)

It’s a strange world. After all, there is our long history of encounters with Kaiju, those pesky giant monsters who have emerged from the Earth after disasters and nuclear war, or whom we’ve found while exploring other worlds. …And in case we had any trouble deciding just which strange world we’re supposed to be in, […]

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Invisible Agent (1942)

I suppose it was inevitable. You are trying to find ways to spin off sequels to your successful horror films, you’ve made a movie an invisible man, a war is on… So naturally we get a movie about an invisible spy. What is strange, though, is that it is played strictly for laughs. Now, those […]

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BraveStorm (2017)

Okay, I’ll admit it. I love Giant Robots. Particularly the monster-sized, city-destroying variety, complete with missiles, laser beams, giant power swords and lots of working parts. So I will admit to a certain weakness for this one. After all, we have not one, but two Monster Robots, which aren’t only enormously detailed, but which actually […]

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Blood of Dracula (1957)

It goes something like this: The science teacher at an exclusive girls’ school has made an important discovery, one that the scientific establishment refuses to credit, a discovery that could power the world and make all weapons obsolete. Now, if you haven’t guessed, this all has to do with the power of the mind, although, […]

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Doctor X (1932)

It isn’t easy to find science fiction films made in the Thirties. It did show up in quite a few serials, but then those were aimed at kids. There were a few odd films with more developed SF elements — like Just Imagine — but for most part you were going to find it in horror […]

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Censor [Tsenzor] (2017)

It may seem strange to many of us here in the West, but after decades of socialist “progress,” modern Russia is becoming quite conservative, morally speaking, at least. There is a lot of pressure on filmmakers to keep to a fairly modest moral code. There has even been talk of censoring those who aren’t patriotic […]

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The Stranger Within (1974)

Richard Matheson was one of the greatest TV writers ever. If you tried to list everything he wrote for the Idiot Box, you would be at it for some time, but it includes things like The Night Stalker, Duel and episodes of such great series as The Twilight Zone, Night Gallery, Circle of Fear, Amazing […]

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