The Wild World of Batwoman (1966)

(aka She Was a Hippy Vampire) This is probably Jerry Warren’s best film. Yes, I know I said that about Frankenstein Island.  And, yes, I know that isn’t saying much. But what we’ve got here is so strange and so… Okay, I can’t help it, it’s the right word: …”Batty”, that it defies any rational explanation. […]

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Red Planet (1994)

Sometimes I wish I knew more about certain films. Take Red Planet: here we have an animated adaptation of one of Robert Heinlein’s Juvenile novels, which ran as a three-part “miniseries” on the Fox Network — and then was never seen again. But I have no idea what time slot it originally ran in, and […]

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The Mole People (1956)

Poor John Agar. He became famous for marrying Shirley Temple and then starred in the first two of John Ford’s Cavalry trilogy. But then his marriage broke up, and things didn’t go so well. And, worst of all, Universal kept putting him in horror films. Three of them, to be precise (the other two were […]

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Cosmic Blast (2018)

“Hey, come look at this part: My God it looks like a house!” You’ve got to love any movie that is this in your face about what it is.  Here’s a film with an estimated budget of 700 dollars, which was largely shot in an old house.  So what happens when a pair of loser scavengers […]

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Darkdrive (1997)

“My name is Steven Falcon. This is the story of the last three seconds of my life.” Let’s see if we can make sense of this one. There’s this guy, Falcon. He invented this system which downloads peoples’ minds into a computer called the Matrix (check the date: it’s two years earlier than the movie […]

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Urutoraman Mebiusu ando Urutora kyôda [Ultraman Mebius and Ultra Brothers] (2006)

Back to the basics. I suppose, after Ultraman: The Next failed to revamp the venerable franchise with a grittier reboot, it does seem an obvious move: bring back four of the most popular Ultramen and put them in an adventure featuring the current Ultraman.  As this was also Ultraman’s Fortieth anniversary, it made a lot of sense […]

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Evil Spawn (1987)

This one starts with some talk about alien bacteria brought back by a spaceship called the Odyssey, a spaceship clip stolen from Planet of Dinosaurs, a mysterious brunette releasing a deadly insect like creature, a young couple looking for a cat, then deciding to make out in the alley, an attack by a scientist reduced to […]

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Yonggary [Reptilian] (1999)

Yonggary is every Daikaiju Eiga movie you’ve ever seen. Seriously. Aliens use Giant Monsters to destroy the World [Monster Zero, Destroy All Monsters]. Yup. Got that. Ancient ruins, mystical powers and powerful artifacts [Godzilla and Mothra: The Battle for Earth]. Yup. That one, too. Inanimate version of the creature comes to life [Daimajin and its […]

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As Time Goes by (1988)

I never thought I would see this one. But then, I’ve been saying that a lot lately. It was one of those films people talk about, but it wasn’t available. Not anywhere. Not here in the U.S., at least. Which seems a shame, really. It’s an easy-going, low-key comedy, which is dryly witty, charming and […]

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