City of Rott 2 (2014)

There are some movies you know you are never ever, ever going to watch. Nope, wouldn’t even consider it, not for a moment. And yet, I don’t know how it happens, but you end up just giving in and watching them anyway. Take City of Rott 2, for example. I first learned about this one […]

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After Yang (2022)

It’s so hard to write about the good films. I mean, it’s easy to complain about an utterly horrible film, or sum up a fairly average one. But explaining what makes a good film so good always requires hard work. And, much to my surprise, After Yang is surprisingly good, a movie which isn’t much […]

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MEAD (2022)

$29,000. It’s hard to take in.  This impressive little film was made with Kickstarter backing for only $29,000. It certainly doesn’t look that cheap.  At first glance, the film looks like something Pixar animated five or maybe ten years ago. With the main characters shot in live action and greenscreened in, that is. I suppose […]

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Inferno (2002)

I stumbled on this one by accident. When I was writing my review of Michael Pohl’s short film, Ausgestorben, I tried to locate a DVD version of Pohl’s feature film, Vortex, which included the earlier short.  I knew it was on the German version (which has no subtitles) but not on the American DVD.  However, I was […]

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Las luchadoras vs el robot asesino [Wrestling Women versus the Murderous Robot] (1969)

Sometimes you know exactly what you’ll get from the title of a movie. After all, there is nothing comfortably familiar — and predictable — as a Mexican masked wrestler (or “Luchadero”) movie. Making one with unmasked female wrestlers isn’t going to change that much. The evil Dr. Orlock (whose name may or may not be […]

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Armicron (2000)

(aka, Outlaw Power, Armicron in Outlaw Power) I think the main effect of watching this Power Rangers-style direct to video movie is that I now really, really, really want to see the original 1995 Korean film they stole the effects from. I mean, wow, they look remarkably good.  Better, for the most part, than the […]

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City of Rott (2006)

I’ll confess it.  I like Frank Sudol’s weird little animated films a lot more than I should. I first encountered him in the anthology film, Monsterland (2016), to which he contributed a funny but gory animated short which went on a little too long. I then caught his feature film, Shock Invasion (2010), a gleefully black […]

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