Vychislitel [The Calculator] (2014)

(aka, Titanium) Not all planets are created equal. Yet many harsh and barely livable planets have been colonized by the “Free Worlds League” of the distant future, like the planet XT-59 (which is apparently called Titanium in the version I saw), where all the colonists have been placed in a highly controlled, high-tech city.  It’s […]

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Black Friday (2021)

It’s Thanksgiving night and one of the most important days of the year is about to begin: Black Friday! Well, it’s important if you happen to be running a big, strip mall Toy Store, and your bosses expect you to make a lot of money before the store closes for the day. A lot of […]

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Crumbs (2015)

Things have fallen apart. There was the war and other catastrophes, but the real problem is that everyone just lost interest in living.  Only a few children have been born since the war, the population has fallen catastrophically. The world is dying. Everyone clings to the last shreds of the old world: a record album, […]

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The Phantom Empire (1988)

Now I know what you’re thinking. Classic Gene Autry movie serial, singing cowboys, horses, a radio show and an army of soldiers from an underground civilization — on Horseback. But this is a Fred Olen Ray film. So it’s horrible cave mutants ripping someone’s head off. And that’s just the opener. Now I’ll admit it, […]

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Chopping Mall [Killbots] (1986)

All, right, all right, I admit it: I like this one. Even if it was directed by Jim Wynorski. Jim, of course, is responsible for one of the worst films I’ve seen, The Thing Below, and has had a long and very busy career making cheap exploitation films, frequently involving monsters and girls with large breasts. […]

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