BBC 4 remake of the classic serial.  Too short, a bit rushed, but still interesting

South Korean King Kong rip off

Love, betrayal, commandos, an endless energy supply, and the end of the world

Classic Hammer Horror film, written by the legendary Nigel Kneale

Everything we’ve seen before.  Except Jesse Ventura’s mustache

Offended by this movie?  It’ll probably beat you up for your lunch money

Dune.  On the Cheap.  Only not that good.

Slow, glum, ponderous.  Oh, and the effects are great

Two bungling transport pilots in a future where nothing works

  • Adventure at the Center of the Earth (1965)

See Aventura al centro de la tierra

“Children’s” film by the creator of Tetuo:  The Iron Man.  With Robot Vampires

Eddie Murphy on the Moon

Stylish and weird

Wondrously goofy British SF horror comedy

      Gritty drama about a man trying to escape the Earth

Steve Barkett’s first DIY film.  So cheap they couldn’t afford bras…

Ghosts, magic, vampires, Nazis, mad science and a robot. Cult film at its best

Inconsistent and slow — but better than most of Troma’s films.  With vampires

     I always hate it when I walk in the door and find my own body…

Not “Covenant.”  Asylum mockbuster with flying dragons…I mean “aliens”

Nihilistic Mad Scientist film, pretending to be a monster movie

Don’t let the title fool you:  there isn’t an alien in sight

  • Alien Dweller (2001)

See Dweller

Don Dohler’s first Cinemagic film – complete with lots of monsters

Decent sequel, but despite the polish, it just doesn’t have the same passion

Is it a ripoff of The Abyss if your divers are only exploring a pond?

Yokels fight an alien in a junkyard.  That’s about it

  • Alien Party Crashers (2017)

See Canaries

Made for video and it won’t let you forget that.

      Lone Gunman takes on Predator copy on a budget

What’s a little plutonium — and a few hundred shootings — between friends?

A daring formal experiment from…The Polonia Brothers?

Boris Karloff’s last film.  Period Horror film with…Flying Saucers?

The third time wasn’t the charm for Andrew Bellware.  Aliens copy

Amiable ensemble comedy about chasing your dreams.  And Flying Saucers…

Quinn Martin’s second attempt at an alien invasion series.  Meh

  • Aliens 2 (1989)

     See Shocking Dark

  • Alienator (1989)

     See Shocking Dark

Dazzling action film from Robert Rodriguez and James Cameron

Amazing.  They almost make sense of Divergent‘s faction system

What else did you think you were going to find down in the sewers?

  • Almost Human

See Shock Waves (1977)

  • Alpha Gateway (2018)

See The Gateway

Five characters, a train station and a deadly microorganism from Mars

Joshua Kennedy takes on Charlton Heston.  And lives through it

A man bounces back and forth between several different lives


      See Alien Showdown

The Polonia Brothers’ best film.  And it’s even a horror film.  Mostly

Bittersweet Russian SF fairy-tale

Cosmonauts encounter something truly alien on a distant planet

      Slow, talky, but eerie and surreal.  Got to love that Batratspidercrab!

Alex Garland’s latest:  creepy, unsettling, mysterious, with shades of Tarkovsky

High Concept SF action film

Digital future meets Giallo mystery.  Perhaps Andrew Niccol’s finest film

Elegant silent film, reminiscent of the great German Expressionists

Elegant SF mystery about wormholes, memory loss and becoming very rich

Wacky fun with Bela Lugosi — and his bad haircut

Flash Gordon — With gills…

Brett Piper, giant spiders, stop motion animation…Where’s the popcorn?

Soldiers vs. big spiders

One man CGI animated film from Canada

An arena in space, alien boxers, a human contender.  You get the idea

Beautiful alien contact movie.  But…

Lovely steampunk animated film, designed by Jacques Tardi

A surfer treks to the Outback because a stranger left message 25 years ago

Mysterious goings-on on Titan.  Which just happens to resemble Solaris

Aging TV secret agent pursues renegade assassin.  Only he’s a robot.

Children on PR mission get stranded on alien planet.  Film falls apart

Aliens use classic Universal Monsters to conquer Earth!

A typical Ted V. Mikels exercise in “bad”


    See The Attack Of The Robots From Nebula-5 

When will people learn that Ed Wood didn’t try to make bad movies?

Only in France:  gentle ironies mix with absurd B-Movie gore..

  • Attack From Mars (1988)

See Midnight Movie Massacre

A jealous wife, a cheating husband — and a giant alien in a spaceship…

Christopher Mihm’s Alien Plant turns moon base crew into plant zombies

  • Attack of the Robots (1966)

See Cartes sur table

      Unsettling short film from Spain

Giant Kaiju Eiga Zombies!  Wild battles!  Soldiers zipping around in mid-air!

  • Attraction (2017)

See Prityazhenie

Tokusatsu hero Outer Man is real!  Only he’s going to destroy the Earth…

Post-Apocalyptic robot war.  But the liner notes are better than the movie

Live action Mamoru Oshii movie – set in a videogame

Mexican scientists go monster hunting in the depths of the earth.

      Trapped family, TV giving instructions, that’s about it

More of the same

Fun, Eighties-style action film.  But no time travel.  That would be silly

Wacky Russian children’s Time-traveling SF movie.